Kaamnaa 20th June 2022 Written Update: Sakshi gets insecure of Niharika!


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Episode begins with Manav coming home to see Sakshi and Yathu asleep. Manav goss to have dinner when Sakshi gets up and says let me heat it up. Manav says I am very hungry. Sakshi says you wash your hand till then. Manav washes his hands and Sakshi brings the food. Manav thanks Sakshi. Sakshi says I liked the way you expressed your feelings like this. Manav says we stay together so obviously I will express.

Sakshi says promise me you will always share your feelings with me. Manav says yes. Manav says today, Yathu brought your proposal for me. Sakshi says I know and I also know you are not ready to move on but I would recommend you to give it a thought. Manav says Niharika was also telling me this and she thought I still for Akansha. Sakshi feels wierd about why Niharika is getting so personal with him.

Karan badmouths Akansha while their mom says I might be angry at her but you both are my blood, call doctor soon. Karan’s wife calls doctor. Mom asks Karan to go out and bring the lugage. Karan gets to know Akansha was murmuring to make her go to Manav. Karan wonders what game is Akansha playing. Here, Sakshi asks Manav to get a personal assistant for Niharika. Manav says Niharika has gone through a lot and it’s better not to hire anyone, because of him only I have Yathu with me. Sakshi says but it’s because of you Niharika is back, so they should be grateful to you. Manav says if that’s so I should be grateful to you. Sakshi panics and says sorry I said extra things. Manav says it’s okay and tomorrow let’s go together by car pool.

Manav makes Yathu lie on bed. Yathu wakes up and he explains his dream of seeing Manav’s wedding. Manav makes fun of it and says it’s a nightmare. Yathu says I hope you consider this. Manav says it’s late, sleep. Yathu starts thinking.

Here, doctor comes and checks Akansha. Doctor says it’s maybe due to heat or stress. Mom says if she needs any medicines then Karan will bring it. Doctor says let her rest, it will be fine. Karan says she is just acting. Mom says shut up. Karan says I am leaving this house as only me or Akansha can live here. Mom says go in the morning. Karan says you have always given me step motherly feels. Mom says you said you want to leave, I didn’t say anything. Karan gets upset and says you are supporting her who is thinking to go back to Manav. Mom defends Akansha.

Here, Vaibhav pretends to have heart attack and then when police goes near he attempts suicide by taking their gun. Police informs Niharika and Manav about it. Niharika meets Vaibhav and he acts all guilty and hopeless. He says how he has nothing left with him and also lost someone like her. Niharika watches him and leaves with Manav.

Next day, Akansha prays to god and asks for forgiveness. Mom watches this and feels sad for her. Akansha says ut was her mistake to loose Manav and Yathu. Here, Sakshi asks Yathu not to talk to Manav as he is busy. Just then, Niharika brings Vaibhav and Holkar is shocked. Niharika says I know you and Manav have questions for my this action. Sakshi and Manav are shocked while Vaibhav smirks.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vaibhav tries to manipulate Sakshi when Manav slaps him. Niharika shouts at Manav.

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