Kaamnaa 21st July 2022 Written Update: Yadhu brings Akanksha home.


Kaamnaa 21st July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sakshi assuring Manav that both Akanksha and Vaibhav left their lives. Manav says Yadhu’s behaviour is saying otherwise and believes it has some plotting behind it. Sakshi says it’s the same way he helped Akanksha during the birthday party when she fell unconscious. Manav says it’s the first time he’s staying outside with his own concern. Sakshi gives stress ball for Manav to sleep peacefully.

Akanksha says it’s been long since he spent time with her. She says she wishes to spend time with Manav like old times and that it could help her increase her lifetime. They both go to sleep. Swati comes there but finds them sleeping and goes out. Manav calls Swati and asks about Yadhu. She says he’s sleeping and assures that she will take care of him. Manav invites her for the engagement party the next day but Swati thinks that she can’t go leaving Akanksha in this condition. She says that now they have no relationship and she can’t come there but wishes him for his great future.

Next day morning, Akanksha wakes up Yadhu and says she had a good sleep with her son after a long time. She says that she wishes to spend most of her left time with her son and goes to make plans for the day. Sakshi calls Yadhu who’s in a happy mood. He feels bad for the way he behaved with Manav the last night. Sakshi put the phone on speaker and asks Yadhu what would he say his father if he’s present in front of him now. Yadhu says that he would apologise him for behaving rudely with him and will say that he’s the best dad in the whole world. He says that he will also be the best husband and Sakshi says even if he isn’t they would make him the best. He cuts the call and Sakshi asks Manav if he feels fine now. Manav says yes and they both pull each other’s legs while eating.

Yadhu is with Akanksha who expresses her wish to be with Yadhu for some more time. Yadhu wants to say the truth to Manav but Akanksha disagree fearing that Manav would catch her lie. Manav wakes up hurriedly as he forgot to make preparations for the party. He gets relieved seeing Sakshi and Malti almost completed all the decorations. He joined them and Manav and Sakshi spent some quality tone together during the process. They hear door bell ring and gets happy seeing Yadhu on door.

However their happiness dries down seeing Akanksha. Manav angrily confronts Akanksha for coming back in their life but Akanksha says she clearly remembers everything. She says that it’s Yadhu who forced her to come there and is about to leave. She prays for Yadhu to stop her. Yadhu also shouts Mumma and rushes and hugs Akanksha. Everyone gets shocked hearing it. Yadhu says that she won’t go anywhere and he will speak with Manav.

Yadhu says he wants to speak with him in private but Manav asks him to speak in front of everyone as no one is an outsider here. Sakshi insists and so Manav leaves inside with Yadhu. Sakshi makes Akanksha sit and Akanksha indirectly taunts Sakshi. She asks about wedding date but Sakshi says Manav has to decide it.

Precap : Manav will ask Yadhu why would he want to be with Akanksha who wronged them do much. Yadhu will say that if he has so much problem with Akanksha staying there then he will go with her and will start packing his things.

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