Kaamnaa 21st March 2022 Written Update: Akanksha is taken for investigation.


Kaamnaa 21st March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Akanksha coming to the place where the dead are present and their family are crying. Media surrounds her. She shows her fake sympathy when a lady holds her demanding to answer the injustice happened. She gets disgusted that she touched her and lashed out at her. The lady cursed Akanksha. Akanksha is about to leave when a lady Inspector stops her. She taunts Akanksha for her late arrival. Akanksha holds her by collar and Rane gets irritated by her stupidity. Akanksha flaunts that she’s the CEO of a company and says that she would pay for the workers as well as their families for compensation. She leaves while the inspector says on call that they need to initiate an investigation.

Sakshi and her mother in law tries making Yadhu understand that he needs to apologize Leena and Ekta but Yadhu refuses to budge. He questions back who are they to comment about her stay in his house. Sakshi’s mother in law says that they can’t stay there for long as it’s Manav’s house and not theirs. Yadhu directly calls Manav and asks if he has any problem with Sakshi. Manav says no as she takes care of him well. He gets happy and cuts the call confirming the same. Inspectors visits Manav asking him to be the investigation officer for the case and he agrees. The Inspector comes to Kapoor mansion with warrant to investigate Akanksha. Akanksha acts all pricey and refuses to speak a word without her lawyer and mocks the Inspector. The Inspector taunts her back and takes her to Police station for Investigation. Akanksha leaves grudging.

Akanksha couldn’t handle the heat in the station and Inspector mocks her. She makes her wait for Investigation. After waiting for sometime, Akanksha’s gets frustrated and leaves inside. She didn’t see the persons face and lashes out at them that for making a lady wait for so long. Manav turns the chair and Akanksha gets shocked seeing him. She asks if it’s all his plan to get revenge from her. Manav taunts her back and says that it’s not her Kapoor office. He asks her to address him with decorum and says only justice works here. Akanksha gets mad at him and Sanjana throws stuff in anger. Sakshi is cleaning the house when her mother in law is playing devotional songs in her mobile.

Sakshi asks her to stop it as Yadhu is sleeping. Suddenly Parth’s song starts playing and Sakshi experiences trauma. She switches off the phone while her mother in law asks her to move on from the past. She says that they need to learn to live with the pain. Sakshi falls upset. Kaushal comes there and mocks Akanksha for her attitude. He calls the lady Inspector and shows Akanksha’s deeds. Akanksha says she don’t have all the time and can’t wait but Inspector tries taking her to wait. Manav stops her and says he won’t call her till she cleans the mess she made. Inspector also agrees with him and asks maid to bring the stuffs to clean. Akanksha asks whether he lost his mind and Manav says he did before and asks her to clean it and leave quietly.

Precap : Akanksha will search for servants in the house and learns that everyone has gone for leave. She will ask who gave leave for them when Ayesha comes there and says that it was her. Leena and Ekta will question Sakshi’s relationship with Manav and Yadhu.

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