Kaamnaa 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Manav agrees to let Akanksha stay at home.


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The episode starts with Manav asking Yadhu why did he bring Akanksha there. He asks if he forgot how she left them in their most crucial times. He asks him to rethink his decision. Yadhu asks him to try to understand as she changed and wants to spend time with him. He says that no matter how much he hate her it doesn’t change the fact that she’s his mother. Manav says that he can understand that he’s worried after Akanksha’s accident but he can’t take the risk of keeping her there. He also adds that he doesn’t care about Sakshi’s feelings and how she would be feeling with his decision.

Malti asks Sakshi what could have happened that Yadhu all of a sudden got so attached with Akanksha. Sakshi asks what mistake did she do that Yadhu went to Akanksha. She asks whether she failed to give enough love to Yadhu that he wanted to have Akanksha’s love. She gets worried whether he holds her responsible for the Akanksha’s accident. Malti says after the accident only Yadhu’s love for Akanksha got increased. Sakshi doesn’t know what to do and Malti is worried for Sakshi.

Yadhu thinks that he can understand how uncomfortable it could be for Sakshi mam. Manav says not only Sakshi but he’s also not comfortable to be around Akanksha. Yadhu says Manav that if he has so much problem with Akanksha then she would not there but starts packing his things saying that he will also go with his mother. Malton assures Sakshi that Manav will not let Akanksha stay there when they hear Yadhu’s shout saying that Manav allowed to let Akanksha stay there for few days. They both come out.

Yadhu happily hugs Akanksha and Akanksha is a also extremely happy. Manav gets Swati’s call who says that she couldn’t find Akanksha and Yadhu home. Manav says Swati about whatever happened and Swati feels helpless. Akanksha suggests to sleep in the coichyin Hall when Yadhu asks her to sleep with him. Yadhu takes Sakshi in and Sakshi says that Akanksha can stay there but she and Malti would stay outside for some days till Akanksha is here. Yadhu asks Sakshi to stay together with them but Sakshi says everyone it can’t happen according to his stubbornness and says she’s not comfortable staying with Akanksha under one roof. Yadhu leaves upset.

Yadhu comes to Manav and says about Sakshi planning to move out. Manav comes to Sakshi and starts unpacking her things. Manav says that it’s her house and their engagement took place. Sakshi says she knows and their relationship is not weak to fall apart over staying away. She says that Yadhu needs to understand that his stubbornness can cost pain to others too. Manav agreed having no option. Yadhu puts Akanksha to sleep when Sakshi comes there. She says to Yadhu before leaving. Manav also says Yadhu that he’s going out and leaves. Yadhu recalls whatever happened and thinks whether he did wrong. However he can’t leave Akanksha. Swati calls Sakshi and says that there’s a big reason behind Yadhu’s changed behaviour towards Akanksha. She says she’ll come there and explain to her. Sakshi understands that there’s big reason behind Yadhu’s behaviour.

Precap : Sakshi and Malti will see Akanksha blood vomiting. Swati will ask Sakshi to read Akanksha’s reports and Sakshi will be shocked to know that Akanksha has stomach cancer.

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