Kaamnaa 24th June 2022 Written Update: Manav gets mesmerised seeing Sakshi.


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The episode starts with Niharika waiting for Manav. She gets frustrated and cancels the party. Vaibhav enjoys her condition. He says that she has a misinterpretation that all belongs to her but it all belongs to him including the company and employees. However he notices her tension for Manav and doesn’t find it right. Akanksha is fuming that Manav never celebrated his birthday without her and decides to go to the party. Manav comes home and gets surprised seeing everyone present for his surprise birthday party. He gets happy and takes everyone’s blessings.

He can’t believe that they have planned this. He comes in and suddenly a pally falls on his face. He removes it and gets surprised to find Sakshi. He gets mesmerised seeing her attire. Yadhu wakes him from his trances and asks how she’s looking. Manav goes speechless and says she looks really beautiful that he couldn’t even identify her. Yadhu calls her patola and Manav asks from where did he learn all these words. He says from Internet. He says he would shut wifi and Yadhu says he can’t as he needs for his work. Sakshi asks Yadhu to get Manav dressed up too. Yadhu takes him in.

Manav gets dressed up and asks how’s he looking. Yadhu says like a film hero and says he already has arranged a heroine for him. He gives his gift to Manav but before Manav could see the photo frame. He gets a call. Sakshi greets Holkar and Ayesha when Holkar says that they need to go home as Ayesha is not well. Manav and Yadhu comes out and Karan and Babli praises Manav. Babli scolds him for comparing Manav and Vaibhav. Manav leaves to greet Holkar. Yadhu comes to Swati and reminds her of their plan. Akanksha tries entering the party but security doesn’t let her in. She tries entering in the name of Niharika but other security catch her. Manav gets Ayesha’s gift but asks her to smile but Ayesha is still upset. Manav takes her and Yadhu to dance.

Niharika is sitting upset when Vaibhav comes there asking for what to do with the food. He says he sent it to poor people so that they could bless Manav. He also adds that Manav doesn’t respect her and thinks she can’t run the office without her. Sakshi comes there right when Vaibhav was about to fill Niharika’s ears against Manav. She calls him Demon trying to play his tricks on Niharika. She sends him out. She explains Niharika that she’s still stuck in Vaibhav’s web and he’s trying to separate her and Manav.

She says that Vaibhav knows well that only Manav can spoil his plans and thus wants to separate her from her own people. She says everyone are waiting for her presence and asks her to come. Niharika thinks getting close with Manav is the only way for her to make Vaibhav jealous and leaves with Sakshi. Akanksha hides seeing Niharika and Sakshi. Manav greets Niharika and takes her in. They both reconcile and Ayesha gets happy. Manav, Sakshi and Yadhu happily dance together. Later, Niharika calls Manav in private for discussing something important.

Precap : Niharika will ask Manav to not leave her alone and cries holding his hand. Manav will try to explain her about Sakshi’s importance in his life. Akanksha will sneak into Niharika’s car.

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