Kaamnaa 26th July 2022 Written Update: Akanksha wants make preparations for Sakshi and Manav’s wedding.


Kaamnaa 26th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Manav coming back home to see Yadhu sleeping with Sakshi and Malti. He gets surprised seeing them sleeping so early. Once he leaves the room they all open their eyes. Manav comes to Akanksha’s room to find Swati with her. He says it’s better. Manav wonders how come everyone slept so early and thinks Sakshi is upset over Akanksha’s issue. Next morning, Manav greets Yadhu and everyone. He asks how come they slept so early and Yadhu makes excuse that everyone were tired. He asks Where’s Sakshi when Sakshi comes there. Manav gets happy seeing her not left and thanks her. Akanksha brings breakfast for everyone. Sakshi serves it to everyone seeing Akanksha about to faint.

Akanksha asks them to have it and Yadhu praises her food. Manav doesn’t have the food and Akanksha asks for his opinion. Manav says that he wants to make an announcement as he made the decision without discussing with anyone. He says he also have no plans of changing it. He says about planning his wedding with Sakshi on 28th of this month and Niharika will take care of the engagement preparations. Everyone gets shocked and Akanksha soon congratulates Manav and Sakshi. Yadhu asks him to postpone the wedding after a month but Akanksha asks him to not say so. She says that it’s her decision to take care of all the marriage preparations. Manav gets surprised seeing Akanksha happy and not Sakshi. Akanksha calls everyone for a group selfie and they all click a picture.

Manav calls Niharika and says about announcing about the marriage. He says about Akanksha also present there. He’s confused about everyone’s weird reactions with Akanksha happy and Sakshi feels forced. Niharika convinces him and advises him before cutting the call. She asks him to behave normal. Manav comes out to find Akanksha serving sweets to everyone. Manav also tries to take a sweet when Akanksha asks Manav and Sakshi to feed each other. Sakshi tries denying but Yadhu asks Sakshi to go on for Akanksha. They both feed sweets to each other. Manav wonders why does Sakshi feel upset and says that he wants to spend some alone time with Sakshi. Akanksha teases them and leaves with others giving them sometime.

Manav asks Sakshi why is she looking so sad but Sakshi recalls Akanksha’s words and lies that she’s not hiding anything. Manav asks what’s the reason behind the massive change in her behaviour as till yesterday she didn’t like Akanksha’s presence in the house. Sakshi still refuses to share and Manav lashes out at her for her weird behavior. He says that it feels like she’s not happy with the wedding announcement and leaves angrily. Sakshi felt helpless while Yadhu witnessed it all.

Precap : Akanksha will plead in front of Manav during his engagement with Sakshi to let her become his wife as her last wish shocking everyone.

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