Kaamnaa 3rd June 2022 Written Update: Vaibhav falls in Manav’s trap.


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The episode starts with Akanksha calling for security but none comes. She shouts for Babli and Babli comes there. Akanksha says about finding something wrong in her room. Babli consoles her and takes her in. Babli finds nothing there but Akanksha shows her the burnt wedding invitation. Vaibhav and Niharika’s video gets played on TV asking her to not marry Vaibhav. Babli is sure that it’s Niharika’s ghost and Babli runs away scared. She says she can’t fight a ghost. Akanksha calls Vaibhav and Vaibhav smirks. He recalls Akanksha’s fear for ghost and scaring her using it. He’s actually controlling everything and Akanksha says about what’s happening to him.

Vaibhav asks her to sleep and says it’s nothing. He cuts the call saying that he would be there soon. Akanksha faints seeing a lady’s shadow. Vaibhav sends Rane to check if she just fainted or not alive. Rane checks Akanksha’s pulse and finds it active. He informs it to Vaibhav. Vaibhav asks his men to continue scaring her the next two days till she gets rid of marriage thoughts from her head. He thinks that if he married Akanksha then his whole life will become a ghost story.

Manav and Holkar are checking the files when Manav finds a file where Niharika made an insurance on her name worth 25 crore but the nominee was not mentioned. Holkar says he didn’t pay much attention to it but Manav says Vaibhav definitely would have paid attention to it. Holkar says its not possible as Niharika took the policy before she moved in with Vaibhav and so the address mentioned is Old Holkar address. Manav gives idea to Holkar to send a notice to Vaibhav using the insurance company asking him to mention the nominee name and Holkar asks the reason for it. Manav asks him to believe him and send the notice and Holkar agree. Ayesha is praying in front of God and burns her fingers while lighting the lamp.

Samshu scolds her and asks her to have something but Ayesha says that she is continuously praying God to bring back her mother to her and can’t be in peace till she gets confirmation. Manav makes Ayesha understand that God will grant any wish which is asked with pure heart and says she already kept her wish. He asks him to wait for God to process her request and sends her away. Sakshi is worried about giving false hope to Ayesha but Manav says that she’s the pillar and the support system of everyone including him. He asks her to keep some amount of trust on herself too and motivates her. Sakshi agrees and hopes for the best.

Akanksha wakes up the next morning and shares about her spooky experience. She believes that it’s Niharika who’s haunting him and urges to get married just today. Vaibhav pretends innocent and laughs at her claim. He says that he can’t marry just like that and wants to marry her in a lavish wedding. Akanksha says they can marry now and do a grand reception later but Vaibhav doesn’t agree. Rane comes there with some papers and Vaibhav leaves saying that he would be back in three hours. Babli notices it. Manav asks Holkar if the papers reached Vaibhab. Holkar calls and confirms that it did and Manav gets frustrated that he lost the opportunity to follow Vaibhav and find Niharika’s location. He calls Babli and asks if Vaibhav is there but Babli says he left two hours before. Manav asks her to watch over Vaibhav when he comes back. He asks Holkar to go to Insurance office.

Holkar is present hiding in the insurance office and notices Vaibhav holding papers with finger print. He follows him and Vaibhav visits the manger. The manager sees the finger print which is present after seven years but Vaibhav gives him money to shut his month. He scans the fingerprint and finds it match with the old record. He agrees to include his name as nominee and Vaibhav leave. Holkar witness it all and cries that his daughter is alive.

Holkar calls Manav and informs everything and Manav happily informs Ayesha that her mother is alive and everyone gets happy hearing it. Ayesha gets emotional and breaks down so does Holkar. She calls him her super Uncle and pleads him to bring her mother to her. Manav promises both that he would bring back Niharika and it’s a start of a new chapter. He says no matte Vaibhav raises the security wall he will definitely find Niharika.

Precap : Manav will enquire about Niharika’s accident and will decode that Vaibhav made a deal with Dr. Khale on the day of accident and made Niharika disappear.

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