Kaamnaa 4th March 2022 Written Update: Akanksha played female sympathy card.


Kaamnaa 4th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Manav lost in thoughts recalling Akanksha’s words. He hurts himself due to this while others worry for him. He serves the food to everyone and finds that its too spicy. Everyone understands the situation and Manav leaves. Sakshi wishes him luck. Her mother in law asks her to make something herself. Manav comes to school with Yadhu and while getting down his shirt gets torn by auto. He scolds the driver as its such an important day. Sakshi calls Principal and explains about Yadhu’s condition. She asks her to put forward it in the meeting. Principal gets shocked when Sakshi says that she’s staying at Yadhu’s house and worries for Vaibhav’s reaction. She advises her to be careful. Yadhu calms Manav and thru assure to be each other’s strength. He sends Yadhu to classroom.

Vaibhav is with Mr. Volkar and they discuss about business. Vaibhav gives him good news of raise in profit. Manav gets stunned seeing Akanksha in her old attire and recalls their moments together. On the other hand, Akanksha gets disgusted looking at Manav’s torn shirt and is outraged by her patience for living with him. Vaibhav explains the case to the board members in the favour of Akanksha and both gets called. Sakshi is praying for Manav to win the guardianship as she understands the pain of separating from their child. She says they same to her mother in law.

Akanksha gets treated royally by Mr. Volkar while Vaibhav mocks Manav seeing his torn shirt. Sakshi’s mother in law finds her cleaning and Sakshi reveals that she’s tensed about Yadhu and wants Manav to stay forever with Yadhu. Her mother in law gives Yadhu’s album and Sakshi finds it resembles Parth. Her mother in law reminds her that he’s not her son. At board meeting, Vaibhav and Akanksha accuse Manav and Sakshi for turning Yadhu against his mother. Akanksha compares Yadhu’s grades and stammering issue which was developed only after her exit and calls Manav unfit to raise a child. Manav supported Sakshi. Akanksha speaks emotionally and targets the female board members and they fell for her fake tears. Vaibhav praises her acting in mind.

Precap : Vaibhav will ask the members to raise their hands who vote for Akanksha and four people will vote for her including Vaibhav. Next Mr. Volkar will ask the people to raise their hand who vote for Manav and again another four people will raise the hand. Mr. Volkar’s vote becomes the decision making vote.

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