Kaamnaa 7th March 2022 Written Update: Mr. Kholkar votes in the favour of Manav.


Kaamnaa 7th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Yadhu saying Ayesha about his father there for a meeting. Ayesha says that she found her Nanu’s car outside and understands the meeting is happening now. They sneaks and listens to their meeting. Vaibhav says that it’s clear that Manav is not a good husband and can never be a good father too. He brainwashes the members against Manav. Mr. Kholkar says that though they know who to vote they need to gives a fair chance to Manav too. He asks Manav to keep his points. Manav says that a sever year old child who celebrated his birthday wakes up the next day to find his mother missing. He says that the mother left without a word and the son kept waiting for her.

He says that the mother didn’t bother to call him and inform her situation while he was greeted with recorded voice. Manav says that the child learnt the truth that his mother left him from a stranger and went to depression. He says that the child himself hid his pain and gave strength to his father. He says that the child himself accepted the fact that his mother will not return and says that she doesn’t matter to them anymore. Mr. Kholkar shows least interest while Vaibhav mocks his boring speech.

Manav gets shocked and upset. Vaibhav asks them to raise up for voting and first asks people who would be vote for Akanksha. 4 people voted for her. He then asks for people who votes for the Manav. 4 people again raises their hand. Mr. Kholkar’s vote becomes the deciding vote. Vaibhav was confident that he would vote for Akanksha but to his shock he votes for Manav. Manav gets relieved. Ayesha and Yadhu rejoices and Ayesha hugs her Nanu for his decision. She congratulates Manav too. Yadhu happily hugs his father and expresses his relief. Manav gets extremely happy.

Vaibhav is against the decision and says Mr. Kholkar but Mr. Kholkar asks him to address him as chairman. He says being a father of a daughter, he can understand Manav’s pain. He asks Vaibhav that when was the last time he called Ayesha. He asks whether he remembers it’s her birthday today.

Vaibhav says he does remember but Mr. Kholkar traps him that it’s not her birthday. He insults him for not being a father material. He says that though the voting is done, he did his homework before casting his vote as its a child’s life at stake. He plays a CCTV video where Yadhu runs away scared seeing his mother and his mother’s insensitive behaviour towards her son. Mr. Kholkar asks the members to vote again after seeing the footage. He asks those who are in the support of Akanksha to vote. None raises their hand. He then asks the people to raise hand who wants to vote for Manav. Everyone votes for him and Manav wins fair and square. Vaibhav and Akanksha are furious while Mr. Kholkar announces that it’s Manav who gets sole guardianship. Ayesha calls Sakshi and shares the good news with her. Sakshi thanks God. Mr. Kholkar praises Manav indirectly taunting Vaibhav.

Precap : Mr. Kholkar will say Manav that he inspired him how to protect his child. Manav will say that it’s Yadhu who made him learn so much things and be strong in life. Ayesha will insult Akanksha warning her to never wear saree again.

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