Kaamnaa 9th June 2022 Written Update: Akanksha gets thrown out of the house


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The episode starts with Babli taunting Akanksha about the lehenga not burnt. She explains how she fooled Akanksha. Akanksha is furious upon knowing Babli’s true face and is about to slap her but Babli holds her hand. She reveals that she wanted to see her ruined from the day she sent Karan to jail and she’s happy that she witnessed it. She leaves the place. Niharika says Vaibhav that she missed him a lot and Vaibhav says he tok missed her a lot.

Holkar worries that Niharika would once again fall in Vaibhav’s words but Manav trusts Niharika. Akanksha refuses to give up on Vaibhav and says Niharika that she got late to return and says Vaibhav is hers now. She asks Vaibhav to throw Niharika out of the house but to her shock Vaibhav listened to Niharika. He asked Akanksha to leave the house only with her belonging leaving everything of Niharika’s. Akanksha gets shocked. Holkar thanks Manav for doing what Vaibhav should have done for Niharika and says that now Yadhu will not have to worry about about Akanksha and Ayesha got her mother.

Babli is taking away her luggage and sees Akanksha. She mocks her to join her in leaving as she might not have money for even cab. Akanksha asks her to go to hell. Babli says this is real hell and she’s going back to her heaven which is her family and husband and takes her leave. Akanksha couldn’t believe that all her dreams from her marriage to wealth everything getting ruined in a day. She comes to Manav who mocks her and Akanksha promises to ruin them all. She leaves the place.

Babli also says Manav that she is taking her leave. Vaibhav asks Niharika where she was all these years. Niharika says a doctor kidnapped him and someone else rescued her. She remembers Manav rescuing her. Niharika says Vaibhav that Dr. Khale is the one who kept her hostage and takes him to Manav. Niharika introduces Manav as the one who rescued her holding him. Sakshi feels uncomfortable seeing their closeness.

Akanksha calls Vaibhav and lashes out at him for changing colours within seconds. She says all the cards are blocked and warns him to release it soon. She blackmails to expose him but he cuts the call saying its wrong number. Niharika says it’s her who blocked the cards. Sakshi feels left out and goes ti find Yadhu Ayesha discussing to stay together as a family. Sakshi texts Yadhu that she’s leaving as Malti would be alone and wonders Why’s she feeling so bad seeing Manav with Niharika.

Manav asks Vaibhav whether he knows someone called Dr Khale but Vaibhav says he met many doctors during his profession and don’t remember all. Niharika asks Manav to play the clip and Manav plays Vaibhav’s conversation with Dr. Khale. Holkar gets angry and is about to strangle him but Manav asks him to leave as Vaibhav already looks like a dead person. He then calls Ayesha and Ayesha calls Vaibhav and speaks in Niharika’s voice shocking him. Vaibhav feels caught while Manav sends the children inside.

Yadhu and Ayesha comes to room and Yadhu finds Sakshi’s message. Yadhu scolds Sakshi for leaving without informing him. She says that she don’t have any job there. Ayesha says that she missed a good show of Manav and Niharika lashing out Vaibhav. Sakshi cuts the call and Manav and Niharika’s closeness plays in her mind. She feels jealous.

Precap : Niharika will give two choice to Vaibhav to either accept his mistake and go to jail or be her slave. Manav will warn Niharika.

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