Kaamnaa 9th March 2022 Written Update: Vaibhav and Akanksha visit Yadhu.


Kaamnaa 9th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Vaibhav taunting Mr. Kholkar. Akanksha asks Vaibhav to stop and asks Mr. Kholkar that how could she fail a mother on woman’s day. She requests him to change his decision. Mr. Kholkar asks which mother she’s talking about here as he couldn’t find anyone. He says that the saree she’s wearing belongs to her daughter but just because she’s wearing it doesn’t make her his daughter. He says that she would’ve worn the saree for her advantage but says that it doesn’t mean that she’s his daughter. He calls his daughter priceless while she has a price tag. He says that her motherhood failed the moment he dumped her family for pride and money.

Vaibhav transfers all the money in his account and Kholkar says that he would repent. Vaibhav says that he won’t as only this small school belongs to him while he’s the King of Kapoor empire. He leaves with Akanksha. Manav sees the stickers rewritten on jars in kitchen and recalls a past moment with Akanksha. Manav pleads Sakshi to behave as guest as changing is something that should be done by house people. Akanksha lashes out at Vaibhav furious at her insults and badmouths Kholkar. She asks him to let her be as she’ll handle her issues. She asks him to stay away. Vaibhav throws her out of the car and asks her to handle herself. Akanksha apologizes for her outburst as she was disappointed. Vaibhav asks her to trust him as she will definitely meet her son today. She gets into the car. Yadhu and Ayesha celebrates Women’s day and calls her the best woman in their life. Manav recalls doing the same to Akanksha. Sakshi gets overwhelmed and hugs them. Yadhu feeds samosa to Sakshi’s mother in law.

Yadhu hears door bell and opens it to find someone wearing a clown mask. The person says that he’s the one who’s house he visited and played video games. He removes his mask and addresses himself as Vaibhav uncle. He says he also brought his mother with him. Manav asks him not to be scared but Yadhu runs away scared. Manav asks whether it’s not enough for him to get insulted in the meeting that he came here. Vaibhav agrees with him that he won the meeting but says that Akanksha is Yadhu’s mother and can meet him. He calls him a nice person and is about to step in but Manav warns him against it. He says that he already bought whatever he needed from the house and what is there here is now too precious for him.

Ekta and Leena taunts Akanksha for dumping responsibility. They say that she gets free ride whoever gives money. Akanksha furiously gets down from car and calls them jealous for not able to have all that she has. Vaibhav calls Manav controlling and says he’s just there to meet Yadhu. Manav is about to say against it but Sakshi asks him to let him meet Yadhu. She nods her head significance. Vaibhav praises Sakshi.

Precap : Akanksha will taunt Ekta and Leena while they taunt her back. Manav will give courage to Yadhu to speak his heart out. Yadhu will come in front of Vaibhav.

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