Kaamnaa Upcoming Story: Manav will angrily confront Yadhu.


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Sony TV’s popular show “Kaamna” currently deals with Akanksha trying to get back with Manav while Manav realised his feelings for Sakshi. Earlier its seen that Yadhu had a nightmare. Now it will be seen that Yadhu will bring Akanksha to Manav’s House.

Previously we have seen that, Yadhu woke up at midnight and cried holding the album sent by Akanksha. He had a nightmare of Akanksha collapsing in front of his eyes and shouted in fear.

Manav and everyone rushed to him to comfort him but Yadhu didn’t listen to anyone. On the other hand, Akanksha put on makeup to look sick and made fake blood to prove that she blood vomited and fooled Swati.

Yadhu demanded to go to Swati’s House but Manav told that he would take him in the morning. Yadhu firmed adamant and having no option Sakshi himself took him to Swati’s house. Manav got angry hearing it and followed them.

Yadhu wanted to stay at Swati’s place and Sakshi agreed and left convincing Manav. Akanksha was happy that Yadhu fell for her trap. Manav discussed with Sakshi about Yadhu and was sure that something is definitely troubling Yadhu over his trauma.

Akanksha rejoiced her victory. Swati asked Yadhu to not say the truth to Manav and spoil his happiness. Manav voice texted Yadhu inviting him for the party they’ve planned the next day. Akanksha heard it and made another plan.

In the future episodes we will witness, Manav will ask Yadhu why would he wants Akanksha to be present there in the house despite all that happened.

Yadhu will say that it’s him who told that she’s his mother after all and no matter what it doesn’t change. He will say that his mother will stay with him for sure. Sakshi will get teary hearing it.

Will Yadhu learn Akanksha’s truth? Will Manav find out Akanksha’s game?

Will Akanksha separate Sakshi and Manav?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Kaamna , stay tuned to this space.