Kaamnaa Upcoming Story: Sakshi to learn about Akanksha’s stomach cancer.


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Sony TV’s popular show “Kaamna” currently deals with Akanksha trying to get back with Manav while Manav realised his feelings for Sakshi. Earlier its seen that Yadhu blackmailed Manav. Now it will be seen that Sakshi will learn about Akanksha’s stomach cancer.

Previously we have seen that, Manav tried convincing Yadhu for his decision to let Akanksha stay there. He asked him to think about Sakshi and how uncomfortable she would feel with Akanksha around.

Sakshi also was upset with Yadhu’s behaviour and blamed herself for not showering enough love on Yadhu which is why he went to Akanksha. Yadhu blackmailed Mahan to move out with Akanksha if he doesn’t let her stay there with him.

Sakshi believed that Manav would not let Akanksha stay there but to her surprise Manav agreed. A disheartened Sakshi decided to move out of the house as she doesn’t feel comfortable staying under one roof with Akanksha.

Yadhu and Manav tried to convince her against it but Sakshi stood firm in her decision. Manav was equally upset. Swati called Sakshi and told that there’s a big reason behind Yadhu’s concern for Akanksha and told her that she would say it once she visit her.

In the future episodes we will witness, Sakshi and Malti will see Akanksha blood vomiting. Swati will ask Sakshi to read Akanksha’s reports and Sakshi will be shocked to know that Akanksha has stomach cancer.

Will Yadhu learn Akanksha’s truth?

Will Manav find out Akanksha’s game?

Will Akanksha separate Sakshi and Manav?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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