Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 10th August 2022 Written Update: Anubhav and Gungun fight


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The episode starts with Gungun feeling bad that she couldn’t give him a farewell. Anubhav says Gungun to go to the airport to give him farewell. Gungun agrees and decides to take his favorite flowers lily. Gungun wants Anubhav accompanies her. But Anubhav refuses. Gungun asks why and says that he is also his friend.

Anubhav says that he is his friend because of her. He says that Armaan loves her and Armaan would have proposed her if he hadn’t returned in her life. He says that they both respect each other and shouldn’t corss their boundaries. He asks her to go alone.

Armaan is on the way to the airport. He remembers Gungun. The driver asks why he is going to the airport early morning when his flight is at 9 AM. Armaan says that he doesn’t want to have any fake hope. He instructions the driver to drop off Gungun at home when it gets too late.

Armaan reaches the airport. He gets ready to leave. Gungun arrives there and calls out Armaan. The latter is surprised to see Gungun there. He asks if Anubhav hasn’t come with her. Gungun replies no. Armaan asks why Anubhav let her come alone. Gungun says that because he believes that she’s brave Armaan says that she’s.

Gungun wishes Armaan a happy and safe journey. She promises to work hard to take Jeet network to another level of success when he will return. Armaan says that there’s no doubt on this, but there’s no guarantee that he will return after one year. Gungun presents him the flower bouquet. Armaan says it’s his favorite flowers and thanks her. He says that he can’t take inside because of checking. So Gungun decides to keep it as goodbye gift. Gungun asks if he didn’t think before giving her such big responsibility.

Armaan says that he thought and he kept thinking of her. He says that he meant that she deserved that post. He gets ready to leave. Gungun stops him holding his hand. Armaan asks what happened. Gungun says that she’s feeling nervous. Armaan says that it’s a regular nervous which will be fine in few hours. He wishes her luck and leaves.

At the Kulshreshths Chandru asks about Gungun. Anubhav says that Gungun has gone to the airport to send off Armaan, who is going to USA. Sunanda insists Anubhav to call Gungun. Anubhav obliges. Gungun receives the call and says that she’s on the way. Anubhav senses that Gungun is crying and asks the reason. Gungun says that she got emotional. He asks her to come home soon to talk. He says Sunanda that she will reach soon. He shows the app which can track Gungun’s taxi location. Anubhav is surprised that Gungun got emotional for Anubhav.

After two years leap a voiceover says that nothing has changed in Kulshreshths’ house. Nithi and Yug had a baby boy. Kulshreshths discuss the name for the baby. Charudatt suggests Ramdaas name. Chavi finds the name outdated. However Nidhi and Yug accepts the name chosen by Charudatt. Sargam asks Kushi and Ankit to give good news soon.

Ankit asls why they don’t tell this Anubhav and Gungun as it has been two years they got married. Kushi asks where they’re. Sargam says that she’s at home, she’s sleeping as she came joke late. She further says that she doesn’t know what happened to both of them, they’re too busy in their work. Ankit says that they don’t even have time for each other.

Gungun is shown getting ready for the office. A voiceover says that everything has changed between Anubhav and Gungun except their fight, but there’s no love behind their fights, but only anger. Gungun is talking over phone about a official meeting. Anubhav who is sleeping gets annoyed and asks her to go out and speaks. They start fighting. Anubhav complains that Gungun is prioritizing her work over her husband and her family.

The episode ends.

Precap: Anubhav says that he wants a baby. Gungun asks him to adopt a baby. Anubhav says that he wants their own baby. Gungun says that it’s possible now and leaves.

The episode starts with Anubhav telling Gungun that Armaan likes her. He says that he can see in his eyes care for Gungun and jealousy for him. He adds that he doesn’t mean that Armaan is a bad guy, he is a good guy, but he feels that he lost her. Gungun denies it and says that they are good friends. Anubhav says that Armaan is avoid looking at his eyes while speaking to her, so that she doesn’t read his feelings on his face. Gungun recalls finding Armaan crying recently and him avoiding eur contact when she questioned him about the same. Gungun asks if she should resign her job. Anubhav nods no. He says that he doesn’t have any problem with Armaan and he trusts Gungun.

Gungun comes to the office and is surprised to find the staff decorating the office. She asks what’s the occasion. Staff says that they don’t know. She starts helping them. The chairman arrives along with Armaan. The chairman announces that their company topped the media house list and congratulates them all for them. He says that therefore they all got increment. He then tells about the achievement of Agrima magazine and Gungun being the perfect face for it. He says that he promotes Gungun as chief editor upon Armaan’s recommendation.

Gungun is surprised hearing this. He says that that day party is to celebrate their company achievements, Gungun’s promotion and Armaan’s farewell. All are shocked to know hear this. The chairman realizes that the staffs aren’t aware of this and says that Armaan is joining a top media company in the USA as chief editor and congratulates him. Armaan apologizes to all for not informing them earlier. He says that he was getting this offer from many years, but he used to refuse. A staff asks why he accepted it now.

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