Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 11th August 2022 Written Update: Gungun and Anubhav fight


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The episode starts with Gungun asking Anubhav if he isn’t happy in this marriage. Anubhav says that he isn’t happy because he wants child. Gungun says that they have already argued about this many times. She says that she doesn’t have time to handle the baby. She says that she doesn’t want to waste her two years hardwork. She doesn’t want to become an housewife. She gets a call and gets ready to leave.

Anubhav says that she forgot about that day. Gungun says that she remembers, so she is shuffling her meeting so that she could return home early. Anubhav asks her to not do any favor on him, maybe he won’t be available evening. She says that it’s up to him. She asks to not talk about it the baby topic again and asks him to adopt a baby. Anubhav says that he wants their own baby. She says that it’s not possible now and leaves.

Family asks Gungun to have breakfast. Gungun says that she’s getting late. Chandru says that she should take off that day since it’s a special day. He thinks that maybe she forgot it. Gungun says that she remembers that today it’s their anniversary.

Charudatt asks Gungun to come home early evening. He says that he and Chandru also worked, but always gave time for their family. Gungun says that there’s difference between their work and hers. They worked in government office while she’s working in a corporative sector. Charudatt adivises Gungun to give time for her husband and family. Gungun just received a call and gets overjoyed. Gungun tells the family that she got nominated for the world Press award. She takes the elders blessings.

Gungun notices their reaction and says it seems that they’re not happy for her. She says that maybe they don’t know how big this award is. Anubhav comes and says that winning award isn’t new. He says that he himself and Chavi got awards. He says that she only got nominated, not yet win. Golu says to not take Anubhav’s words in heart, they’re happy for her. Gungun says to let it go as she can how happy they all are.

Sunanada assures Gungun that they’re happy with her happiness, but worried that they may fail in her other duties towards her family because of her work. Gungun says that at least in her work she gets valued, but she can’t say this in her other roles. Yug asks Gungun to come home early evening to celebrate their anniversary. Gungun says to ask Anubhav if he will be available evening. Anubhav says that she’s playing victim card. He says that he doesn’t bother, if she doesn’t.

At the office, Gungun cuts the cake and celebrates for winning the most prestigious award. The chairman praises Gungun. He asks Gungun why Anubhav hasn’t come to take part in the party organized on Gungun winning the award. Gungun asks to let it go. But he phones Anubhav and asks why he didn’t come to the party. He speaks rudely and refuses to attend the party. He asks Gungun if there’s any difference between her and Anubhav.

Gungun denies and apologizes to him on Anubhav’s behalf. Gungun excuses herself and goes to the washroom. She cries remembering Anubhav and Charudatt’s words. She feels dizzy. She thinks that maybe family is right, she isn’t giving enough care to herself due to work pressure and stress. She decides to visit the doctor. Other hand Anubhav is getting angry remembering Gungun’s words.

Gungun asks her P.A if she confirmed her appointment with the doctor. She nods yes. Anubhav is still in the college. He doesn’t answer Gungun’s call. His colleague wishes Anubhav on his wedding anniversary and asks why he didn’t return home yet. He asks if his wife went out of town. He says that she has gone far from him. Gungun calls him again. He answers it. She asks why he didn’t pick her call. He lies that he was busy.

Gungun says that she has appointment with doctor evening. He says that he’s not interested in her excuses. Gungun shouts that it’s not any excuse. She says that she called to know if he can accompany her to the doctor, but it seems he doesn’t bother about her. She hangs the call Gungun looks at her and Anubhav’s photo and wonders what happened to them, why they got distanced.

Anubhav returns home. Golu and his gang wish Anubhav on his wedding anniversary. Golu asks Anubhav why he looks upset. Anubhav says that he had to celebrate his anniversary alone as Gungun told she has appointment with the doctor. Golu asks why he didn’t ask her the reason. Anubhav says that Gungun just giving an excuse. They deny. They say that Gungun isn’t like that. Golu calls Gungun, but she doesn’t answer the call.

The episode ends.

Precap: Gungun returns home. She asks family where Anubhav is. chandru says that he left to his room. Anubhav goes to sleep another room saying that Gungun already disturbed him lot. Gungun asks him to accompany her for her medical test the next day, Anubhav refuses.

The episode starts with Gungun feeling bad that she couldn’t give him a farewell. Anubhav says Gungun to go to the airport to give him farewell. Gungun agrees and decides to take his favorite flowers lily. Gungun wants Anubhav accompanies her. But Anubhav refuses. Gungun asks why and says that he is also his friend.

Anubhav says that he is his friend because of her. He says that Armaan loves her and Armaan would have proposed her if he hadn’t returned in her life. He says that they both respect each other and shouldn’t corss their boundaries. He asks her to go alone.

Armaan is on the way to the airport. He remembers Gungun. The driver asks why he is going to the airport early morning when his flight is at 9 AM. Armaan says that he doesn’t want to have any fake hope. He instructions the driver to drop off Gungun at home when it gets too late.

Armaan reaches the airport. He gets ready to leave. Gungun arrives there and calls out Armaan. The latter is surprised to see Gungun there. He asks if Anubhav hasn’t come with her. Gungun replies no. Armaan asks why Anubhav let her come alone. Gungun says that because he believes that she’s brave Armaan says that she’s.

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