Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 14th January 2022 Written Update: Gungun complaints about Anubhav to his family


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The episode starts with Ridhesh saying to Gungun that she is at fault. Gungun tries to leave from there getting angry, but Ridhesh stops her and explains that she shouldn’t have held Anu’s collar in public, Anubhav is a respected man, he is a scientist. Ridhesh further says that Gungun has to apologize to Anu. He asks what she will do if any girl do the same with him. Gungun says that she will slap her. Ridhesh says that Anu didn’t slap her instead tried to explain her in words.

Gungun refuses to apologize to Anu. Garima asks Ridhesh to leave the matter as Gungun’s birthday is arriving. Ridhesh agrees. He says that he has a condition, Gungun has to invite Chavi to her birthday party by personally going to their house as they have come here. Gungun refuses. Garima and Ridhesh try to convince her. They say that his family was sweet with her during the wedding.

Gungun asks what if she finds Anu there. Garima asks her to avoid him and requests to behave well with the remaining family members. Gungun says that she doesn’t understand why they’re very sweet with them. Ridhesh explains her that it’s hard to find good people nowadays, their family’s values reminded him his family’s values. They have met him once still called them for their daughter’s wedding. Gungun finally agrees.

Anu’s family are talking about how Kushi will be in her laws and miss her. Chandru wants to make video call Kushi, but Golu says to let Kushi spend time with her in laws, they can see her when she will come here for post wedding rituals. Anu comes downstairs. Sragam and family question him where he is going. They don’t let Anu speak and answers in his place. Gungun sings moh moh ke dhage and wearing his socks and shoes. Golu teases Anu. Just then Gungun arrives there. Family welcomes Gungun. Anu asks her what she is doing here.

Gungun asks him to talk to her hand. Sunanda says that Gungun has a soft hands to calm the tension between Anu and Gungun. Sargam praises Gungun’s beauty. Needi says that Gungun gives them a pleasant surprise while Anu calls it a shock. Gungun gives them sweet. She says that her aunt told to not visit anyone empty handed so she brought all these. Gungun asks for Chavi. Goli says that Chavi has gone to Kushi’s in-laws house. Gungun says that the next day is her 21st birthday and planned to celebrate it in a resort and asks if they can send Chavi.

Anu’s family melts knowing that Gungun has made long route just to invite Chavi. Goli says that they will send Chavi. Sunanda says that someone will drop off Chavi and will pick her up. Gungun agrees and tells the party timing. Golu says that relationship gets strong with such meetings. Anu says that Chavi won’t come as no one in their family attends late night parties. Family agrees with Anu and says that they even turn off the rooms light before 10 pm. Goli says that they can talk about it going inside and invites her inside.

Anu says to Goli that they should not change their family’s rules for anyone, they have never attended any late night parties. He further says that they can’t send Chavi if Gungun’s birthday party is in the day. Chandru asks why, what’s wrong with it. Anu says that he saw her friends, they’re like hippie. He says that Gungun and her friends are bad. Divya scolds Anu for fighting with Gungun who has come their home. Anubhav gets ready to leave, but Gungun stops him and argues. Anu says that he hasn’t time to have childish fights with her and leaves.

Chandru says that Anu shouldn’t have behaved like this. Gungun scolds him in English. Gungun says that they all are very sweet, but Anu is rude. Gungun complaints about Anu to his family and asks them to scold him. They agree and ask her to seat. They ask what she wants to eat. Gungun says that they all very sweet with her, but Anu is annoying. She tells them about Anu insulting her in the café. Sunanda says that she will scold Anu when he will come back. Golu says to Yug and Divya that first fight then love.

The episode ends.

Precap: Saragam feeds Gungun. Gungun hugs Sargam and says that she’s very nice. Gungun sleeps in Chavi’s room. Anu removes the quilt and gets shocked finding Gungun.

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