Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th March 2022 Written Update: Anubhav gives a befitting reply to Maya


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The episode starts with Charu tells Chandru that when one thing get old they won’t throw away but use it again for some other purpose. Chandru asks Charu why he is telling this to him. Charu tells because he is asking money again and again for his music related work. Ridesh brings Maya to the Kulshreshth’s house. Charu welcomes Ridesh and he calls the ladies of his family. Sunanda Sargam and other Kulshreshth’s ladies comes and welcomes Ridesh. Ridesh introduces Maya to the Kulshreshth’s.

Kulshreshth’s gets happy. Sunanda tries to hug her and calls her sister but Maya stops her and tells her to call her by her name. Charu signs at an overexcited Sunanda who understands and calms down. Charu asks Ridesh and Maya to have a seat. They both sits on the couch. Sargam gives a glass of water to Ridesh and Maya. They both takes it. Maya asks the Kulshreshth’s to switch on the air conditioner saying its hot. Charu tells there is no air conditioner in their house.

Golu tells now the power is also not there so they can’t use fan too. Maya gets shocked. Sunanda asks her not to worry saying that they can use hand held fan. Sargam goes near to Maya to use it but Maya stops her saying her hair will get spoiled so Sargam goes and sits the other side. Maya asks Ridesh how could Gungun lives happily here because in this house air conditioner is also not there. She then asks Charu to buy a air conditioner today itself. Charu asks how could they buy air conditioner in a day.

Golu jokes that they can buy a remote. Maya asks the Kulshreshth’s to introduce themselves. Everyone introduces themselves. Goli tells Maya that she saw only half of the family members there are still their kids who is yet to get introduced. Sunanda tells that she will go bring all of them to meet her and leaves the place.

Maya asks how many members are in this family. Sargam tells there are eleven people. She further tells that including Kushi and Amit then there are totally thirteen people’s. Maya calls the family as dharamshala. Ridesh warns her and tells her that he already told that Gungun is getting married in a joint family. Maya tells that she didn’t think Gungun will married to this family. Chandru asks the way she used the word against their family. Maya compares the family members staying in one house to trains general compartment but Charu tells it’s the way how we takes it and says that they consider and thinks their family is like sweets in a box which has different sweets and who ever want to have they can take and have it.

Goli also tells there is nothing wrong in staying with their family. Sunanda brings others downstairs. She introduces Anubhav to Maya. Anubhav greets her and goes to take her blessing but Mayq stops him and tells him that she don’t believe in this all. Kushi goes to take blessings of Maya but she stops her too and tells that it’s all old practices in which she don’t have any faith. Charu tells Maya its not old practices but values which they questions only to learn about its importance.

Chandru asks Chavi and Neeti to bring snacks to aunty. Maya stops them and asks them to not to call her aunt. Goli 5tells they even call their milkman as a brother or uncle then how could not they call her who is part of their family. Maya changes the topic and tells Anubhav that Ridesh told that he is a Scientist and asks why he is not trying to go to USA where is so much hope.

Anubhav tells that he dont think that he wants to go to USA. Maya asks him to change his mindset and tells he don’t proper validation in India. Anubhav tells that his family is here. Maya asks him not to tell her that he is like Ridesh who left USA to be here in India with his family and asks him to not to do the same mistake. Charu tells Maya that Anubhav got a job offer in USA but he refuses to accept it. Goli tells that Charu always says that what meant for them will always come to them. Maya insults them and asks Ridesh is this the family he choose for Gungun.

Anubhav asks Maya that he thinks is she have any problem with his family. Maya tells that she dont think that she need to agree to her husband’s every decision and calls herself a modern women.

Anubhav tells that showing themselves as an independent but for that they should not pull others down. Charynand Golu scolds Anubhav for his behavior towards Maya. Maya gets furious and tells that those who dont want to be criticized should also stop criticizing others. She then asks Ridesh that he is the one who told that this family is good for Gungun because they respect and value others but she dont think because Anubhav is insulting his soon to be mother in law but no one is stopping him. She then asks the Kulshreshth’s to be get updated. Anubhav tells it’s the laptop which gets Updated but human evolves which they does everyday. Chavi brings juice. Anubhav taunts Maya saying its not a high priced cocktail. Maya shouts saying she had enough of his insults. Ridesh tells Maya that it’s her who started this and she needs to pay for her actions.

Maya says that she dont think that Gungun will be happy staying with them. Anubhav tells its Gungun who decides that and as far as he knows she is happy with his family. He also tells Maya that she left Gungun to achieve her goals not the other way around making Maya furious. Anubhav decides to leave but Yug and others stops him saying that he needs to stay for the sake of Ridesh.

Anubhav gets angry when once again Maya insults the Kulshreshth’s but Yug and others calms him down saying Goli will answer to Maya. Maya then asks the Kulshreshth’s to show the room in which Gungun will stay after marriage. Ridesh tells that they dont have an individual room they can share their room with everyone.

Maya questions Chavi dont she feel she dont have privacy. Chavi tells that she is choosing love over her privacy. Ridesh tells this is the reason why he chose this family for Gungun. Anubhav asks Maya what she is going to do seeing his room..Maya tells that she will redo the room asper Gungun’s comfort but Anubhav tells Gungun will be treated as same as others in the family. Maya looks at Anubhav angrily.

Precap: Maya tells the Kulshreshth’s that she cant able to gift her daughter but can gift her daughter’s in law’s right and says she dont have problem gifting expensive things. Anubhav tells that they have problem receiving expensive gifts. He then asks Maya to tell her decision whether she want her daughter to get married to him or not because she met him and his family. Kulshreshth’s and Ridesh looks on.

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