Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 16th June 2022 Written Update: Anubhav gets saved


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The episode starts with Gungun donating blood for Anubhav. She requests the nurse to put the holy flowers over Anubhav’s forehead. The nurse agrees and leaves. Golu, Yug and Ankit come to Gungun. Yug asks Gungun why she seems dull. Gungun says that maybe she is tired. Yug says that she didn’t have food all these days.

Golu says that he lost all the hope, but she gave him the ray of home, but now he is sure that nothing can happen until she’s alive. Doctor discuss if Anubhav’s bloody will accept the blood. The nurse asks doctor’s permission to put the holy flower near Anubhav saying it was that girl’s faith. Doctor agree. Nurse places the flower near Anubhav. Doctor discuss that there’s some improvement in Anubhav’s condition.

Gungun wishes to meet Anubhav. Golu agrees to take her to him. Gungun faints. Doctor checks and says that it’s due to the weakness after the bloss loss. Golu requests the nurse to look after Gungun and they go to see Anubhav.

Doctor says to the Kulshreshths that Anubhav got saved as he got blood in right time. He asks about the girl who gave blood for Anubhav to thank her. Golu says that she fainted due to weakness. Charu says that Anubhav was saved due to Akriti’s prayers and not Gungun.

The auto driver says that Gungun went on foot to the temple which is on the top of the mountain. She was injured, but refused to treat her wounds, so she can reach to the hospital in time and gave blood. Akriti shouts at him. Golu warns Akriti for misbehaving with him. Nurse says that Anubhav got his. consciousness. Family wants to meet Anubhav. Doctor says that they can after shifting to the ward. Golu goes to see Gungun. Charu gets irritated with this.

Anubhav keeps saying Gungun’s words. The nurse asks if Gungun is his wife. He says yes and requests the nurse to call her. Other side Gungun gains her consciousness and asks about Anubhav. Golu says that he got saved. Gungun wants to see Anubhav from far as Charu and Akriti don’t like if she goes near to him.

Yug reminds that she said that she will return to Lucknow with Anubhav. Gungun says that it’s not possible as she doesn’t have any rights on Anubhav. Golu says that rights should be earned and she earned by saving Anubhav.

Gungun says that she doesn’t have any relation with Anubhav in front of the world. Though they love each other lot, the fact is Akriti has the first rights on Anubhav. Yug says that Anubhav married Gungun first, so she has the first right. Golu says that the world considers her as his wife. Gungun says that Anubhav world is his family and they consider Akriti as his wife. Yug says that they’re also his family and says her to fight for her rights.

Gungun says that she got tired fighting. Golu asks if she will give up. Gungun says that it’s also called sacrificing. She is returning Akriti Anubhav for family’s sake. Gungun says that she can’t become selfish and snatches Anubhav’s family from him. Golu asks what about her happiness. Yug says that she refused to meet, but he will come to her.

Nurse asks Charu who is Gungun. Charu asks why she’s looking for her. She says that Anubhav wants to see his wife. Akriti says that she’s Anubhav’s wife and says her name. Nurse says that but Anubhav said that Gungun is his wife. Charu says that he must have got confused due the medicine’s effects. He must have called Akriti.

Meanwhile police interrogates Ranvijay. The officer slaps him and asks if he handed Anubhav to the terrorists. Ranvijay denies and says that Anubhav is his friend. The officer says that Ranvijay beat him up in the temple. They collected all information about him. He asks Ranvijay to tell the truth and slaps. Ranvijay agrees to say the truth.

Charu is in call with his family. They gets elated on knowing Anubhav is fine. Goli asks Charu if Gungun is there. Charu says that Gungun is shameless, she refused to leave despite warning her. He says that she gave blood to Anubhav, but he got saved because of Akriti only.

The episode ends.

Precap: Charu asks Golu where he is taking Gungun. He says to Anubhav. Charu asks with whose permission, if he forgot what he said. Golu says that he taught him to support the right and he is doing the same.

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