Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th February 2022 Written Update: Anubhav questions the Kulshreshth’s


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The episode starts with Gungun praises Chavi’s outfit. She then assures Chavi if they get late Ridesh will drop them. She then starts screaming when her finger gets cut by the knife. The family gets shocked. Sargam tries to console her and take her hand in her’s but Gungun refuses and screams. Golu scolds Divya why she brought this knife to which the latter tells that she saw the knife so decides to bring it here. Goli scolds Golu for unnecessarily getting angry at Divya.

Someone asks the person to bring turmeric to aid Gungun’s injury but Gungun refuses to do it saying that her dress will get spoiled. Neeti goes to bring anticept cream for Gungun. She asks Anu about it when she goes to her room. He tells where it is and asks her what happened. Neeti tells that Gungun cut her finger. Anu tells because of her sharp tongue only she must get injured.

Neeti scolds him and tells that she brought a cake as her father asked her buy something for them while cutting she by mistake injured her hand then goes down. Golu and family asks Gungun to stay calm saying everything will be okay after applying the ointment but she cries and screams loudly. Anu comes downstairs to see what happened. Golu gives him the ointment and tells that he is feeling dizzy seeing the blood so asks Anu to bandage it. Anu sits beside Gungun and holds her hand. He asks the family members who gave Gungun a knife. They says that Gungun wants to cut a cake so they gave her.

Anubhav goes to apply ointment but Gungun screams. Anubhav tells the one who doesnt know even about the knife spelling how could they give the knife to her. He then asks Gungun to calm down and dresses her wound. He once again asks the question to his family if someone doesnt know how to hold a gun will they give it to the person a gun. The family members says no. Anubhav asks then why they gave the knife to Gungun. Khushi tells that it’s because she wants to cut the cake. Anubhav taunts Gungun which leads an argument between him and Gungun. Goli scolds Anubhav for his behavior towards Gungun and asks him to go to his room if he dont want to say anything gud.

Gungun question his dressing ability to which Sunanda and the family members calls Anubhav as a walking ambulance that’s why in their society whomever gets hurt will come to Anubhav to dress their injury. Anubhav asks the family members to not to worry saying it’s not a big injury. Gungun asks how does he know. Anubhav tells he can able to see it. Gungun tells there was lots of blood left from her injury to which Anubhav tells that they failed to stop the blood by getting waste by applying pressures. Sargam scolds Anubhav to not to argue with Gungun because if she says the wound is deep then its deep only.

Gungun asks Chavi to go with her to shopping but the family reminds her that the cake is yet to cut..Gungun tells that she is not feeling like cutting the cake anymore because someone filled her stomach with their bitter words. They both glare at each other. Kulshreshth’s convince Gungun and take her to cut the cake. Gungun tells that she will cut the cake and feed everyone with her hand.

She then looks at Anubhav and rephrase her word saying she will feed those who likes. Gungun takes the knife to cut but stops when Sunanda sings Happy Birthday. Gungun questions to which Sargam replies usually they will sing a song while cutting the cake and we often use Happy Birthday the most that’s wht Sunanda sing Happy Birthday. Gungun tells that she is not a child so without signing they can cut cake. Anubhav from his place taunts Gungun saying she should carry a board saying she is not a child but a stupid. Gungun gets angry.

Kulshreshth’s scolds him. Anubhav goes to his room. Gungun feeds the cake to Sargam and the latter also feeds the cake. She then asks the Kulshreshth’s to have cake to which Golu asks her to have first then they will have it later. Yug jokes that Golu wants to have the entire cake. Golu sings a song which leads the family members to laugh but Gungun gets confused so she asks why they all are laughing but they tells her nothing.

Gungun decides to go to shopping. Golu gets excited seeing the cake once Gungun and Chavi left the place. Gungun comes back and tells the family that Ridesh asked her to feed everyone the sweet so asks them to give a piece of cake to Anu too or else he will complaint to Ridesh and Ridesh will scold her. She also praises Anubhav’s dressing then leaves the place. Kulshreshth’s gets happy. Yug and Golu dances and sings a love song making others laugh at them.

Anubhav hears Golu and Yug’s voice so he hurries to close his door but they beats him and enters the room. Anubhav tells that he has so much work to do that too important work so asks them to leave saying he dont have time to tolerate the way they annoys him. Khushi and Amit comes to the room. They tells Neeti cut her finger and its bleeding so much. Anubhav gets worried and when Neeti enters the room he searches for the injury and learns that they are joking so he gets annoyed. Golu and his gang tells Anubhav that he left his important work to take care of Gungun’s injury but he dont have time for them.

Anubhav tells its Golu who made him do the dressing to Gungun’s injury all he want to know is how it happened. Golu and his gang tells that Gungun asked to give him something. Anubhav tells it must be either a swearing or else poison. Khushi goes and brings the cake. Golu and his gang tells that Gungun asked them to feed him a cake but Anubhav refuses to believe it saying it may have poison in it. Golu tells if he dont eat the cake then no one will have it shocking the others.

Anubhav refuses to have it saying its Golu’s decision so he cant do anything. Yug asks him to stop being stubborn. Khushi tells if he don’t have it then Amit will taunt her and winks at Amit who also agrees with Kushi. Anubhav agrees to have the cake under a condition that is after he eats the cake no one annoy him..they all agrees but after he have the cake they all sings a song which frustrates Anubhav so he takes a deep breath. Garima says Ridesh that Gungun’s fever is not reduced yet.

Ridesh asks Gungun to not to worry saying it will reduce as he already gave injection. He then decides to thank Anu but Gungun mocks him. Gungun also tells that she wishes because of her fever her wedding date gets postpone or cancel. Ridesh tells that he is her father who is a doctor and he will never let that happen and smiles at Gungun.

Precap: Anubhav comes to Gungun’s room and tells that Ridesh told him she has a high fever and asks her how is she now. Gungun tells Anubhav that she dont feel like talking to him so Anubhav decides to leave but Gungun stops him and asks him to stay with her. Later Anubhav feeds soup to Gungun and they both looks at each other.

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