Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th August 2022 Written Update: Anubhav gets slapped by Gungun


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The episode starts with Ankit and Kushi being on the call with Goli and Pradyush. Goli is shocked learning that Gungun has brain tumor. She asks why family is against Gungun getting her treatment in US. Ankit requests Goli to talk to the family about this. Goli agrees to come home evening. Ankit and Kushi thank her.

Armaan surprises Gungun with a candle light dinner arrangement. Gungun asks where other staffs are. Armaan says that he gave them all off and adds that this is a special arrangement for a special person. Gungun asks why this. Armaan says that because it’s her last day in the office and asks to consider it as her farewell party.

He places her resignation letter on the table and says that he found it while searching for a file. He says that she did right. He can says that she rejoin the company after her treatment. Armaan surprises Gungun by preparing her favorite white sauce pasta. Gungun gets emotional having the first bite. Armaan asks why she is crying. Gungun says that there’s someone to care for her. Aramaan says that they’re happy tears. He asks her to wipe it off. Gungun obliges smiling.

Gungun returns home and finds Goli waiting for her. Goli apologizes to Gungun on the behalf of the whole family for falling to know about her illness. Charudatt says that he should apologize to Gungun and apologizes for rebuking her in anger. He says that they all will go to Mumbai and will do her treatment in a big hospital. Golu says that they have even saw an apartment in Mumbai to stay.

Just then Gungun receives Armaan’s call. He says that he booked the flight ticket and got appointment in the hospital and did all payment. He says that they have to leave the day after tomorrow. After hanging the call Gungun says to the family that she can’t go to Mumbai as she’s going to America for her treatment. Charudatt says that Gungun is still acting adamant. Chandru says that they have talked in Mumbai’s hospital. Gungun says that before them someone else made arrangements I’m the hospital in America. Anubhav asks if that someone is Armaan.

Gungun replies yes. Chandru asks who will look after Gungun in America. Pradyush says that Gungun has to cook by herself in America. Goli says to Gungun that they all are here to look after here, so she will get well soon. Anubhav says that Armaan will be there to to take care of her. Gungun requests Anubhav to not start again. Anubhav asks why Gungun wants to go to America when it can be treated here.

Gungun says that she can get better treatment there. Anubhav says her to stop making excuse to go with Armaan. Sunanda stops them from fighting. She asks Gungun to consider her as her mother and asks to tell the truth why she wants to go to America. Gungun says that she’s telling the truth. She takes out her medical reports and asks them to coss check them with any doctor. She says that she’s in final stage and needs to operate it immediately.

Anubhav says that her surgery can be done in India too and asks what’s there in America which isn’t in India. Gungun says that there’s advanced microrobotic technology. Anubhav says that Aramaan must have lied to her as he loves her and wants to separate them. Anubhav accuses Gungun of wanting to go to America for enjoying with Armaan. Gungun slaps Anubhav for questioning her character. She gets disappointed with Anubhav and leaves.

Golu phones Gungun’s doctor and puts it on the speaker. He enquires doctor about Gungun’s condition. Doctor says that Gungun’s condition is critical and she doesn’t want to tell her family about her condition as she didn’t want to worry them. Golu asks doctor to suggest an hospital to treat Gungun.

Doctor says to do her treatment in a country where they use advanced microrobotic technology as her chances of survival are very less. She adds that this treatments are costly so, Gungun is trying to arrange for the funds by herself. Anubhav and family get shocked learning the truth. Anubhav cries feeling guilty.

Anubhav comes to Gungun and apologizes to her for misunderstanding her. He says that she will get her treatment in America and promises her to be by her side. He says that he wants to fix everything between them.

Gungun says that nothing can be fixed now between She says that she will go to US even if he stops her as she wants to live. She wishes that Anubhav realized his mistake earlier. She says that his male ego came between them and not her job. Anubhav says that he was scared to lose her. Gungun says that he lost her daily because of his fear. She asks him to admit that he wants a loser Gungun whom he can control. Anubhav says that he wants her success. Gungun says that it’s till she’s behind him. She says that he got jealous when she started to shine more than him and misunderstood her.

The episode ends.

Precap: Charudatt asks Gungun with whom she wants to go to America, with Armaan Or Anubhav. Gungun says that she wants to go with Armaan. Charudatt asks Gungun to divorce Anubhav before leaving. Gungun sqys that she signed the divorce papers and asks Anubhav to sign it and submit in the court. She leaves with Armaan.

The episode starts with Golu asking Anubhav why Gungun fainted. Anubhav says that it’s normal to faint due to stress. Yug asks Anubhav how he can be stoned heart and asks to have pity seeing her condition. Anubhav says that he only said the fact. Gungun gains his consciousness. Chandru asks Gungun why she fainted, if she didn’t have food. Golu says to Gungun that he talked to Charudatt and he won’t ask her to resign her job.

Gungun sats that no one likes her doing job. She goes downstairs and tells to Charudatt that she will resign her job. Golu asks to not take any decision in anger. Gungun says that it’s not any decision, but a solution for the process problem. Charudatt asks if she’s taking this decision coming under the pressure. Gungun says that she takes this decision wholeheartedly. She says that hereafter she will do whatever they want and requests them to not say that she has changed. She says that hereafter she will be a puppet who will dnace according to their tune.

Armaan comes to the Chairman. They discuss about Gungun. Armaan asks if he got Gungun’s passport. He says that he got it from her by giving an excuse as she wouldn’t have given it if he had mentioned above America. Just then Gungun arrives there. Armaan says to Gungun that she should come with him to US for her treatment. Gungun thinks of not giving her resignation letter in front of Armaan else she won’t have any excuse to reject his offer. Gungun says that she has lot of work in the office so it will be better if she follows her treatment here.

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