Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th March 2022 Written Update: Gungun gets happy with Maya’s decision to leave the house


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The episode starts with Anubhav tells Kulshreshth’s that they can teach him how to behave with Gungun while having a coffee. Pradyush says even he is willing to join then. Kulshreshth’s gets shocked. Pradyush says that he think no one is happy seeing him here. Sargam asks Chandru how come Pradyush came here. Charu says that he doesn’t know. Goli decides to leave the place. Yug and Anubhav stops her and asks what is she doing. Goli tells that she don’t want to see Pradyush’s face. Anubhav says to Goli that she is the one who taught them how to face their fear then why she is having problem facing Pradyush.

Yug tells Goli that Pradyush has done so many wrong things to her yet he is acting normal and visiting them then why can’t she face him. Goli agrees to stay and face Pradyush. Charu asks Pradyush what is he doing here. Pradyush enters the house. Goli recalls her past with Pradyush each step he takes inside and gets emotional. Pradyush greets the Kulshreshth’s and tells that he thought to visit them. Charu reminds him that he is invited for marriage only.

Pradyush tells that he dont consider himself as a guest to Kulshreshth’s family to meet them on Anubhav’s wedding day. He then looks at Sunanda and asks her how is she. Sunanda tells after all the things he has done to them yet she is here and living a peaceful life. Pradyush gets upset. He then asks Divya that he learnt that Yug got married which means she is not a youngest daughter in law of the house right. Divya tells Pradyush that she may not be a youngest one but she remembers all the things he has done to the family. Pradyush gets uncomfortable.

He then tells the Kulshreshth’s that he is invited for the wedding. Chandru says that Pradyush asked him that’s the reason he is forced to invite him to Anubhav’s wedding. Pradyush asks Anubhav that he is Anubhav right. He recognized him with his specs. Anubhav says yes he is Anubhav and looks away.

In Bhatnagar’s house Maya drags her luggage to door step. Ridesh stops her and asks where is she going. Maya tells that she is returning to US because she dont think that she can go through their insult again. Ridesh tells her atleast she should stay until Gungun’s wedding is over because for that reason only she is here. Gungun asks Ridesh to let her go.

She also thanks Maya for leaving the house before her wedding. Maya gets angry and turns around to leave. She tells Ridesh that he asked her to wait till Gungun’s wedding but Gungun is happily dancing because she is leaving before her wedding then how could she will stay here. Gungun tells Maya that she will dance now and starts dancing on the couch to express her happiness for Maya’s decision. Ridesh scolds Gungun so the latter decides to remain silent.

Ridesh tells Maya that she thinks that she has to leave then she can because she is none other than their guest. Garima comes there and asks Maya where is she going. Maya tells that she is going to US because both Ridesh and Gungun is not happy with her presence. Garima gets shocked and pleads her not to leave and stay until Gungun’s wedding. Gungun asks Garima to not to plead Maya because they are better off without her.

Garima scolds Gungun saying Maya is her mother. Gungun tells its Maya who forget that. Garima goes to Ridesh and pleads his to stop Maya saying they both still have a relationship. Maya is still his wife also this house daughter in law. She is a Laxmi of this house and if she leaves then it should be considered as inauspicious so asks him to stop her.

Ridesh tells Garima its Maya who done everything and acting like this way so if she wants to leave she can. Garima tells Ridesh that Maya is part of their family also in marriage rituals there will be a huge part in which Maya is the only one who has to perform which no one else can do it. Kulshreshth’s are traditional and they can’t upset him by sending Maya away. Gungun asks Garima how those girls are getting marriage who don’t have monther. Garima warns Gungun and tells her that she has a mother.

Ridesh tells Garima that she is right and asks Maya to stay until wedding and she can leave after that. Maya asks Ridesh is he ordering her. Ridesh tells Maya it’s her wish to decide it’s an order or his request but she has to stay here. Gungun suggests that they can do the rituals with the help of someone else but Garima scolds her.

Garima tells Maya that they are family no matter how they have problems with each other they shouldn’t show it to outside world. She also tells Maya her presence in much needed one so pleads her to stay. Maya tells Garima that she cares for Gungun also Ridesh’s reputation for that sake she will stay until wedding but inorder to continue her stay there is two condition which has to be fulfilled by them. Garima agrees. Gungun says to herself it’s a typical Maya’s nonsense always being selfish and trying to get what she wants in any situation. Maya tells her first condition is Gungun need to apologises to her for her behavior. Gungun tells even in her dreams she wont apologises to her.

Maya tells Garima that her second condition is hereafter no one here will insult her. Gungun refuses to apologize to Maya saying its Maya who is wrong. Ridesh explains her that if she don’t apologize then there will be no difference between her and Maya so Gungun decides to apologize to her. Gungun tells Maya that she may buy things but she will never get a family love and heartfelt apology from anyone then says sorry and leaves the place angrily. Maya smirks.

In Kulshreshth’s house Pradyush says to Anubhav that he heard that he received Scientist Of The Year Award and congratulates him. He also suggests an job offer in US. Anubhav tells that he dont want to leave his family. Pradyush says that they have to sacrifice certain things inorder to reach heights. Anubhav taunts Pradyush saying nothing is worth the sacrifice of their family. Pradyush asks Sargam to give him a cup of coffee made by her saying he still remembers its taste. Sargam tells even she remembers everything and leaves the place.

Charu asks Pradyush why he is here and asks about his wife and daughter but the latter changes the topic and asks Charu that he is willing to help them in marriage preparation but Golu refuses saying he is not a family member. Pradyush goes to Goli and asks her how is she doing. Is she still upset with him. He also tells that she has done so much for her yet he made a biggest mistake and he is carrying the guilt with him and its weight is too much.

Goli says that he is no one to her but all he wants to ask him is why he returned. She also tells him that its not her responsibility to make him get rid of his guilt. Sargam gives him a coffee and tells it won’t taste the same. Goli tells that she is not weak that’s why she stayed at the same time she is not shameless person to stay here until Pradyush is here and leaves the place.

Later Anubhav recalls his family members advice. Akruti asks him why he is upset and tells him that he can share with her about anything because she considers him as a closed one. Anubhav thinks that he can’t trigger Akruti by taking Gungun’s name. Akruti persuades Anubhav to tell him what’s bothering him. Anubhav looks at Akruti.

Precap: Gungun asks who is calling her this early in the morning. Anubhav tells her over the call its already eleven o clock. He then apologizes to Gungun. Gungun says that he forgives him it doesn’t mean she is ready to marry him. Anubhav asks Gungun to take Maya’s help to get rid of this wedding. Gungun refuses and tells before their marriage she will make sure Maya apologises to Kulshreshth’s for her behavior. Anubhav smiles hearing her words.

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