Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 19th February 2022 Written Update: Garima gets happy seeing Anubhav-Gungun’s bonding


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The episode starts with Golu and gang laughs. Yug tells that he never thought that Anubhav will eat the cake. Golu tells that he is worried if Anubhav didn’t eat the cake then how come he will eat the cake. Ankit asks Golu then why he told Anubhav that he won’t eat the cake. Golu tells that they can easily make Anubhav emotional. Khushi tells if Anubhav didnt fall into their trap then first time in their house the cake must went waste. Golu tells that his promise is for a day only after the clock strike twelve he must have ate the whole cake. Everyone laughs. Chandragupt comes there and asks Ankit to come with him saying he needs to talk to him. He also tells that he wants to talk to him alone.

Golu asks Chandru for what reason he wants Ankit to go with him. Chandru tells that he already told that he want to talk to Ankit alone that’s it. Gungun asks Anu he want chocolate. Anu tells that kids are the one who have chocolate. Gungun asks is he comparing her to the kids. Garima comes there. Anu stands up from Gungun’s bed. Garima asks him not to get scared or shy seeing her and make himself comfortable because it’s his house too. She then asks Gungun from where did she got the chocolate.

Anubhav tells that he had the chocolate in his bag. Garima puts the tray in a nearby bedside table. She tells that she has some work in kitchen so asks Anu and Gungun to continue their conversation and leaves the room. Gungun calls Garima asking for her to help her drink water. Anu tells Gungun that Garima is busy in the kitchen so why can’t she have water on her own. Gungun tells in her one hand there is a cut in another hand she has chocolate. Anu asks Gungun is that okay if he helps her. Gungun agrees.

Anu gives her water. Garima opens the door and laughs. Anu gets scared and remove himself from Gungun. Garima asks Anu to take care of Gungun and leaves the place. Gungun thanks Anu. Anu gets surprised and questions is she thanking him for real. Gungun changes her mind and tells that he is the one who needs to apologise to her. Anu asks for what reason..Gungun shows her dress in which the water was spilled. Anu apologises to her. Then they both jokes at each other and smiles.

Anu asks Gungun why her friend didn’t visited her. Gungun tells that Ridesh doesn’t like them so they have stopped coming to her house. Anu asks Gungun about her boyfriend. Gungun tells even Ridesh doesn’t like him. She then says after she gets married to Anu she will call her boyfriend to his house. Anu gets shocked so he goes and sits beside Gungun and asks don’t she think that this is too much. If his family sees her with her boyfriend then they will fall into coma.

Gungun tells that the part of their deal is he shouldn’t interfere in her persona matters. Anu tells talking to her and try to make her understand is waste of time. Gungun gets angry and they both gets into an argument. Anu says that he is leaving. Gungun asks him to leave saying no one stopped him. Anu turns around but stops in his track and turn around to find Gungun is holding his hand. Anu asks is she stopping him from leaving. Gungun nods yes. Anu asks the reason.

Gungun tells that she is ill to which Anu tells she is stupid. Gungun tells that if Ridesh knows that she asked him to leave then he will get upset with her which she dont want to go through so asks Anu to stay with her. Anu looks at Gungun. Ankit follows Chandru. He worriedly asks Chandru why he called him is he made any mistake. Chandru tells that he called him to let him hear his songs. Ankit gets shocked and tells Chandru why he alone he should call the other family members too.

Chandru tells that no one have the knowledge about singing so its waste of time to make them hear his song. Ankit makes an excuse saying he has ear pain but Charu forces him to get inside his room. Ankit goes inside and seeing the musical instrument he tells that his ear is going to get ruined. Chandru asks Ankit to come inside with him. Ankit asks why he alone. And asks him to call all the family members. Chandru asks Ankit to not to bother about them saying they don’t have any knowledge about singing.

Ankit asks Chandru to prepare until he gets ready to sing a song and tries to leave but Chandru stops him and tells him that he prepared everything. Ankit tells his musical instrument is not ready for this but Chandru tells that he practiced for three hours in the morning. He also tells that he is planning to sing a song for Anubhav’s wedding that too four songs.

He also tells how Charu refuses to give him money so he gave his money and sung in Ankit Khushi’s wedding. Ankit gets surprised. He then tells that he will call Kushi but Chandru refuses saying she dont have knowledge about singing and makes Ankit sit on the bed. He also asks Ankit to tell Charu that he is big fan of his singing. Ankit tells Chandru that he is feeling super hot inside the room so Chandru switches on the fan.

As per Ankit’s suggestion Chandru starts singing a latest song. Meanwhile Ankit sends a message to Kushi. Golu and gang wonders where Anubhav is. They all here Chandru is singing. Khushi realizes that Ankit is with Chandru soo they all goes to Chandru’s room to save Ankit. They all asks Chandru to let Ankit go saying that they have to talk and prepare about Anubhav’s marriage who is always busy in his lab.

After lots of persuasion Chandru let go of Ankit but promises him that he will sing a song for him which he left in the middle. Gungun asks Anu to not to make face like her father who always does this whenever she talks about her boyfriend. He tells that they have to change the subject. Gungun mocks at Anu by asking that they should talk about political science or some other subject. Anu tells if she had done that truly then she shouldn’t have failed. Gungun gets upset and asks Anu to not to repeat this again and again. Anu tells that they will talk about something else and look at Gungun.

Precap: Ankit calls Anubhav and asks him about his whereabouts also when he is going to return. Anubhav tells that he is busy now so he will come a little later. Later Golu and gang comes to Gungun’s house and find Anubhav is feeding Gungun soup.

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