Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 19th July 2022 Written Update: Gungun breaks down seeing Anubhav’s last rites


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 19th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with the inspector saying that the arrangements to send Anubhav’s body to Lucknow have been made. Gungun is about to touch Anubhav’s body. She stops on hearing Akriti shouting Anubhav. Akriti cries hugging Anubhav’s body. She has been taken away. Gungun breaks down and asks why Anubhav break his promise of being always with her. Golu drags her away from the body. Other hand Kulshreshths are crying for Anubhav remembering all his moments with them. Chandru sings a song.

Gungun is on the way in the car. She cries remembering Anubhav. Other hand Chandru says to Charudatt that Anubhav won’t stop hereafter when he will sing and cries hard. Media people question Charudatt about Anubhav’s death. Charudatt requests them to have pity on him who just lost his young son and spare him from their questions.

Akriti, Golu and Ankit are on the way in the ambulance with Anubhav’s body. Golu asks Ankit where Gungun is. Ankit says that he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know too whether she will come to their house or go to her house. Golu phones Gungun and asks where she’s. Gungun says that she’s on the cab behind the ambulance. She says that she won’t come to their house.

Golu says that it’s her rights to come to that house. Gungun says that she doesn’t have courage to come there as that house will remind her Anubhav. Golu agrees. Akriti argues with Golu for still talking with Gungun who is responsible for Anubhav’s death. Akriti says that Gungun snatched everything from her and curses Gungun to never get happiness in her life.

Pradyush comes to the Kulshreshths and asks Charudatt how all this happened. Charudatt cries hard. The ambulance reaches with Anubhav’s body. Kulshreshths break down seeing the body. Other hand Gungun reaches her home. She bursts into tears. Garima consoles her. Here Kulshreshths get ready to take Anubhav’s body to the crematory ground. Charudatt is about to lift with Anubhav’s body. Pradyush stops hom and says that he can’t lessen their pain, but help them taking part in their pain.

Charudatt nods ok and let him lift Anubhav’s body along with other family members. There suddenly Gungun says that she wanted to go to Anubhav’s last rites. Garima reminds that she told she won’t go. Gungun says that Anubhav left breaking all his promise and cries hugging Garima. She says that she has to complain to him about this.

In the crematory ground Kulshreshths perform Anubhav’s last rites. Gungun reaches there and crying seeing Anubhav’s last rites. Garima hugs her crying.

The episode ends.

Precap: Akriti fights with Gungun. She hits Gungun asking why she has come here. Garima hugs Gungun and stops Akriti from hitting her. Sunanda tries to stop Akriti. Charudatt says to Sunanda that Akriti is doing right. He says that Gungun is responsible for Anubhav’s death. Gungun looks on teary eyes.

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