Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 20th August 2022 Written Update: Anubhav and Gungun reunite after two years


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The episode starts with Gungun saying that she wants to go America with Armaan. Chandru asks why she’s adamant when Anubhav is giving a big sacrifice for her. Gungun says that because she doesn’t want to go with Anubhav. Charudatt says that his family daughter-in-law won’t go with a stranger to America.

He asks Gungun to divorce Anubhav before that shocking the family. Gungun says that she already prepared the divorce papers as she knew that this has to happen. She says that she signed the papers and asks Anubhav to sign it when he has time and submit them in the court. Gungun wishes Anubhav all the best for his project and leaves with Armaan.

After two years, Dean phones Anubhav’s house. Sunanda receives the call. She gets elated after talking to her. She calls out Anubhav. Family asks Sunanda what happened. Sunanda asks to call Anubhav first. Chavi comes to call Anubhav. She hears Anubhav rejecting a job offer from a foreign company who offers two crore salary. She tells him family calling him down.

Anubhav comes down stairs. He speaks to the dean on the call. She congratulates him for getting international award to do revolutionary in microrobetic surgery. He thanks the dean. Anubhav informs the family about getting international award for his project. Family gets overjoyed and celebrate it. A voiceover says that because of Anubhav’s invention any surgery has been made easy and family is ok cloud nine for him, but Anubhav is sad since he is still waiting for Gungun. Anubhav hallucinates Gungun clapping hands smiling.

Gungun has been welcomed back by the chairman and the staffs. She looks for Anubhav and gets sad not finding him. Anubhav is giving interview. He says that his wife who went America for her treatment as that time microrobetic technology wasn’t available. He requests government to make this technology available in the every corner of India, so that no one leaves even their city for their treatment. He dedicates his award to Gungun.

The reporter asks where his wife is. Meanwhile Gungun is giving interview. A reporter asks Gungun why she rejected the editor job offered by a big company in America and returned India when everyone wishes to go to America. Gungun says that because her family is here and adds she gets satisfaction to stay in her country and work it.

Anubhav tells dean that he is going to the orphanage to celebrate his victory. Dean asks if he got any news about Gungun. Anubhav nods no. Dean assures him that Gungun will call him after hearing about his achievement. Meanwhile Gungun also informs her dean about going to the orphanage. The chairman asks why she doesn’t adopt a child when she loves babies. Gungun asks why she should adopt one child when she can adopt all the child of the orphanage.

In the orphanage the incharge thanks Gungun for adopting the orphanage and saving them from the crisis. Gungun wants to sponsor the children’s education. The incharge says that someone who is generous like her is already sponsoring the children’s education. Gungun meets the kids. A girl asks about Gungun’s name. She answers her. The girl about an uncle whom the kids call darling. She says that he is also sweet like Gungun. Kids hear a car sound and gets excited to see Darling uncle. Gungun asks if their darling uncle visits the orphanage daily.

The girl nods no and says that he comes only in Sunday, but without failing. Gungun is surprised learning that Anubhav is the darling uncle. Anubhav and Gungun get emotional seeing each other after two years. The kids congratulates Anubhav for winning award. The incharge tells Gungun that Anubhav is sponsoring the kids education and tells Anubhav that Gungun adopted this orphanage and she just returned from America.

The kids decide to call Gungun as darling aunty. Anubhav gives flower to kid asking to give it to Gungun. He obliges. Gungun gives that flower to Anubhav congratulating him for his award. Anubhav asks Gungun to keep that flower as she also have equal rights on it. Kids request Anubhav to sing a song. Anubhav sings tujse naraz nahi zindagi song recalling his and Gungun last meet and gets emotional. Gungun cries singing the same song. They share an emotional hug.


The episode starts with Gungun saying to Anubhav that he got jealous of her achievements and forced to resign her job. She further says that he questioned her character, even talked about divorce and didn’t take stand for her when Charudatt talked about divorce. She says that death is in front of her and she doesn’t know if she will survive. She asks him to let her get treated and die peacefully.

Gungun is sitting in a restaurant recalling Anubhav and Charudatt apologizing to her. Armaan comes there. He shows the sweater, shoes and neck pillow that he bought for Gungun for her US travel. Gungun says that Anubhav already bought all these things for her. Armaan asks if Anubhav gave her permission to go to America.

Gungun says that she talked to Anubhav last night, he agreed and apologizes to her. Armaan laughs and mocks that Anubhav gave her permission to live her life and asks what about her family. Gungun says that her family isn’t bad and realized their mistake. Armaan says that she’s living as a prisoner in her own house. Gungun says that in a joint family,

compromises should be made which he won’t understand. Armaan says that there’s difference between compromise and sacrifice. Gungun

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