Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 20th July 2022 Written Update: Armaan consoles Gungun


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The episode starts with Akriti noticing Gungun. Akriti comes to Gungun and hits her asking how she dared to come here. Garima tries to stop her. Kulshreshths come to them. Sunanda stops Akriti. Charudatt asks Sunanda to not stop Akriti as she’s doing right. He blames Gungun for Anubhav’s death. Akriti also blames Gungun for snatching Anubhav from her and hits Gungun. The latter cries.

Garima apologizes to Gungun for Akriti’s misbehaving with Gungun. Garima hints about Gungun getting remarried. Gungun refuses to get remarried. Garima asks why she wants to live a window life when she was never Anubhav’s wife. Gungun says that maybe that’s what destined. Just then two men come there asking for Gungun. Garima asks who they’re. They say that they can tell only to Gungun.

At the Kulshreshths, Charudatt says to Akriti that she was right, Gungun is responsible for Anubhav’s death and gets determined to punish her. Golu says that Charudatt still misunderstanding Gungun. Charudatt says that Golu is still supporting her. He asks Golu to realize Gungun’s truth at least now. A man says that a Gungun, who can came to Anubhav’s last rites as his wife, can do anything. Charudatt says that he is right. He says that Gungun is exactly like her mother.

Armaan comes to his office and learns from his staff about Anubhav’s accident. He sees the news report about the same. He says that he has to launch his magazine this month and says that he had scheduled interview with Gungun that day. He wonders how to do now. He asks his staffs if any of them contacted Gungun to express condolences. They say no as they don’t know. He scolds them for not showing sympathy to Gungun.

He wonders how to approach Gungun now for interview and photoshoot. A staff says that they have to do Gungun’s photoshoot within two days to design the magazine’s cover page. Armaan wonders how he is going to convince Gungun who has attitude. He decides to meet Gungun and shows sympathy for the same. He leaves. His employees mock Armaan stating that he is unfriendly.

The men say that they’re lawyers and says that Ranvijay dad sent Gungun a legal notice for not fulfilling her promise of investing one crore in his business. Gungun denies the allegations. Garima says that they are stingy and wanted to take Gungun ‘s property after her marriage with Ranvijay. The lawyer says that they have a signed paper of Gungun. The latter recalls Gungun asking her to sign the papers. The lawyer asks Gungun to sign admitting that she received the legal notice.

Garima says to not sign. The lawyer says that if she doesn’t sign it will prove that they did cheating. He says that Ranvijay dad gave the case to the best lawyer of Lucknow and they don’t have any chance to win against him. Garima wonders what they will do now. Meanwhile Ranvijay dad is discussing about Gungun to the lawyer. The latter assures him to get 1 crore from Gungun.

Armaan pays a visit to Gungun. Gungun returns his cheque and says that she can’t give interview as Anubhav isn’t more. Armaan says that he hasn’t come for this. He tries to express his condolences for Anubhav’s death. Gungun stops him saying that she doesn’t want anyone’s pity. Garima reprimands Gungun for her behavior. She apologizes to Armaan on Gungun’s behalf.

She says that Gungun is in deep shock. Armaan says that he can understand what she’s going through. Gungun says that no one can understand it. Armaan introduces himself to Garima and says that he met Anubhav in Mumbai. He came after learning about Anubhav’s death. He came to share Gungun’s pain, but she insulted him making a selfish. Garima says that Gungun expressed someone’e anger on him.

Gungun asks Garima to not talk about their personal matter in front of Armaan. The latter asks what the problem is. Garima says about the legal notice and explains the issue. Armaan says that they’re getting trapped and offers to help them. Gungun refuses his help. Armaan says that as media person it’s his responsibility to expose wrong. He assures Garima to get justice for them. Garima thanks him and goes to get coffee.

Armaan tries to convince Gungun for the interview stating that it was Anubhav’s last wish. Gungun insults Armaan. She says that he has only come for interview and asks him to leave taking his fake sympathy and his cheque. Garima reprimands Gungun for insulting the guess. Gungun asks her to entertain the guest and leaves. Garima says to Armaan that after only she’s left in Gungun’s life.

She is shattered after her dad and Anubhav’s death. Armaan assures that he didn’t get upset with Gungun’s misbehavior. Other hand at the Kulshreshths a lady asks Akriti about her mom not being with her. Akriti sayd that her mom is with Gungun. Akriti blames Gungun for Anubhav’s death. Golu defends Gungun. They argue over this.

The episode ends.

Precap: police comes to Gungun’s house and says that they have to arrest Gungun as Ranvijay and his dad register a cheating case Gungun.

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