Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 21st July 2022 Written Update: Armaan and Gungun have an emotional conversation


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The episode starts with Police arriving at Gungun’s house to arrest her. The inspector says that Ranvijay and his dad filed a complaint against Gungun. They have to arrest her and take to the court. Garima says to the inspector that Gungun is innocent and they are trapping her.

The inspector asks her to say this to the court and let them do their duty now. Garima remembers Armaan and calls him. She tells him police has come to arrest Gungun. Armaan asks why. Garima explains him. Armaan asks to speak to the inspector. Armaan tells the inspector that the court will be closed in an half and hour and if they fail to reach before that, they can’t keep Gungun in police station without court orders.

He further says that Gungun just lost her loved one and she may harm herself during their custody and they may get in trouble. He suggest waiting for two day, he will himself bring Gungun to him. The inspector agrees and leaves. Garima thanks Armaan for his help. Armaan asks how Gungun is. Garima says that Gungun is neither scared of police nor happy of not getting arrest. She’s indifferent to everything.

Ranvijay dad asks the lawyer about police not being able to arrest Gungun. He says that Gungun has no knowledge about law, someone might helping her. The lawyer says that he will twist the case so that no lawyer can save Gungun.

Ranvijay dad clarifies that he doesn’t want Gungun to go to the jail, but he wants to settlement of money and the closure of Anubhav’s case. His son has been in undercover ever since Anubhav’s case got reopened. He requests to save his son. The lawyer assures that his son will be with him within 7 days.

Gungun hallucinates Anubhav. The latter says to Gungun to become again the brave Gungun whom he loved. After coming to the reality Gungun cries looking at Anubhav’s photo. Gungun decides to fight for herself and for justice and says that Anubhav will be with her in this battle with her. She says that he is always with him. She can’t see him, but she can feel him. She misses Anubhav and cries. Garima comforts her.

Gungun comes to Armaan’s office for interview. The secretary calls Armaan and tells about the same. She asks how he convinced her. Armaan says that his honesty convinced her. He asks her to make Gungun sit in the room, he will reach there. Armaan is in the lawyer office to discuss his case. The lawyer says that he came to discuss his discuss Gungun’s case even before she agreed for the interview and asks how he became so generous suddenly.

Armaan says that there’s something. He asks if he will take the case. He agrees as his friend request him. He says that the case will be cleared if Ranvijay get caught. Armaan says that he should get caught. The lawyer asks if he is intrested in Gungun Or his case. Armaan says that he is helping an helpless girt and gets angry for joking on such thing.

Armaan meets Gungun in the make up room. He opens up to Gungun that he also lost his love. He saw her love dying in front of him just before their wedding. He says that yet he has to smile everyday and act to be happy. Gungun asks if it’s easy to smile hiding the pain. Armaan says that it’s the life. He says that he got himself busy in his work after her death. He got used to it and it became his victory. Gungun says that it’s not his victory as he forgot her.

Armaan shows her photo in his wallet and says that he never forgot her and can never forget her. But he tries to forget losing her and lost his joyful personality in this, now people are scared to approach him. Gungun asks why he shared his personal matter to her when they aren’t even friends Armaan says that he felt that she can understand his pain and maybe his story will inspire her to smile. He offers Gungun to join Neet network. He asks her to think and join Jeet Network the next day. Gungun says that she has organised for a puja the next day. Armaan says that she can join the day after tomorrow then.

The episode ends.

Precap: Yug and Golu have to come meet Gungun and are ringing bell. Armaan drops off Gungun at her home. Gungun says that she has gone for interview and photoshoot. Yug asks about the person who dropped her and if he is a good guy. Gungun says that he is Armaan and he is good guy. She says that she’s really feel better today. Yug asks if it’s because of Armaan.

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