Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 21st June 2022 Written Update: Charudatt and Akriti forcibly discharge Anubhav from the hospital


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The episode starts with Charudatt saying to call the police as Gungun did wrong with them and the hospital. Chandru says that their family reputation can he affected if police comes. Akriti says to let world know that Gungun is another woman of her husband.

Gungun scolds Akriti for not worrying about Anubhav not taking the medicine. Gungun clarifies that she has come only to feed him breakfast and give medicine. Akriti calls it a lie. The manager comes. Akriti says to the manager that Gungun entered in the private ward by wearing his hospital uniform.

The manager asks how she got the uniform. He reads the name plate and says that it has been a month that this staff left the hospital. Akriti says that it means Gungun stole this dress, she will be accused for theft too. Manager scolds the gaurd and says that he will punish the staff who helped her. Gungun requests the manager to punish her. Anubhav says to Gungun to not plead with anyone as they can’s do anything with her.

Gungun requests him to be calm. Golu reminds all that Gungun saved Anubhav and even today she has come to give the medicine to Anubhav. Akriti denies it and says that she has come to meet Anubhav on the pretext of giving medicine. She demands the manager to take action on Gungun. The latter threatens that she will tell the media everything, if she calls police.

Anubhav says that he will tell police that Akriti slapped Gungun. Golu says that Akriti slapped Gungun previous day too and they’re witness for that. Anubhav says that no matter what Akriti do, she can’t separate Gungun from as he loves her. Akriti says that he is her husband and he can’t run away from the responsibility.

Anubhav says that he married her, so he will take her responsibility, but he loves Gungun and will be with her. Charudatt asks Anubhav if lost his mind and reminds that he swear on him that he would never meet Gungun, but he broke that swear. He says that he will never forgive him if he does what he said just now. Anubhav says that he got getting punished for breaking his swear. He wished for death when terrorists kidnapped him.

Gungun gave him another life by saving and now he wants to live his second life on his terms. He requests Charudatt for the same. Charudatt threatens Anubhav that he will find his dead body in the path that he is choosing. Akriti gets determined to not let Anubhav stay with Gungun. She demands the doctor to discharge Anubhav to take to Lucknow. She says that she can do anything to save her marriage.

Anubhav says that Akriti can’t take him anywhere forcibly. Charudatt says that he can do it as he is eldest in the family. He threatens to kill himself if Anubhav refuses to listen to him. Gungun requests Anubhav to go with them. Akriti asks the manager to take action on Gungun. The manager apologizes and says that if this matter goes out the hospital will get defamed. Charudatt requests to discharge Anubhav. Doctor says that he is fully recovered. Charudatt says that they will treat him in Lucknow.

Doctor agrees to discharge Anubhav, but warns that it’s risky. Chandru goes to fill discharge form. Golu decides to stay back in Mumbai for Gungun. Anubhav refuses to go living Gungun. The latter promises that she will meet after his recovery. Charudatt says to Gungun that if she meets Anubhav, she will be responsible for his death. Charudatt, Chandru and Akriti leave taking Anubhav with them.

Gungun says to Prakash that she caught got. She says to Golu that he was staying in his house and his mother took care of him. Golu thanks Prakash. The latter asks where Anubhav is and why she’s not with him. Gungun says that Anubhav is with his family and Bade papa threatened to kill himself if she meets Anubhav.

Prakash says that it’s fake threatening. Gungun says that Bade papa can do like this and if anything happens to Bade papa Anubhav can never forgive himself, so he left with them. Gungun says that she is proud that Anubhav chose family over love. Gungun decided to not meet Anubhav hereafter.

Anubhav returns home. Family gets glad on seeing Anubhav and welcome him back. Badima removes evil eyes from Anubhav’s. Sargam does his aarti. Badima and Sargam get emotional on meeting Anubhav. They say that they won’t let him go anywhere. Charudatt says that Anubhav will stay with his family only. Akriti says that Family is more important than anything else.

The episode ends.

Precap: Charudatt comes to Gungun’s house. He begs Gungun to return him Anubhav and to save his family from falling apart. Gungun asks how. Charudatt asks Gungun to marry Ranvijay. He says that his reputation and life is in her hand. Anubhav phones Gungun. Gungun cries and doesn’t receive his call.

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