Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Armaan promises Gungun to get justice for Anubhav


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The episode starts with Charudatt asking Golu and Yug to get necessary things for the next day puja. Yug says that they should visit Gungun. Golu is sure that Gungun must have organized puja for Anubhav the next day. Yug wishes that Gungun could attend the puja at the kulshreshths’s house and regrets of not being able to be with Gungun and console in her.

Other hand Gungun poses with confidence for the photo shoot. The staff are amazed with the change in Gungun and praises Armaan. Armaan offers Gungun to drop off her at home. Gungun says that she will go in her car with her driver. Armaan insitis and Gungun agrees.

On the way Armaan tells about his lawyer friend and says that he will handle her case against Ranvijay and his dad. He promises her to get justice for Anubhav. Gungun asks why he is helping her and demands to know the real reason. Armaan. He says that he has compassion for her. Gungun says that she doesn’t want his pity. Armaan says that it’s only for weak people. He says that every girl needs to be brave and adds he inherited his bravery from his mother.

Gungun asks how his girlfriend died. Armaan says that due to cancer. Gungun is surprised and asks that he still wanted to marry her. Armaan says that he wanted to give her love and happiness in the final years of her, but she died before that. He says that he loved her very much and she also loved him very much.

Golu and Yug visit Gungun and are ringing the doorbell. Just then Armaan drops off Gungun at home. Gungun tells them that she has gone for her photo shoot and interview for Jeet network. Yug asks whose that guy. Gungun tells that he is Armaan the chief editor of Jeet network. She asks them come in. Golu says that they thought she must be sad so they have come. Gungun says that she feels fine today. Yug asks if it’s because of Armaan. Gungun says that yes. Golu and Yug leave. Gungun hopes to meet Anubhav in the other world after her death.

Gungun and Garima perform puja for Anubhav. Armaan arrives there and sits in the puja. He says that thry have come to see them and saw them doing puja. So he thought to join them. At the Kulshreshths’s Yug, Ankit and Kushi discuss about Gungun coming with Armaan. Kushi, Ankit and Yug get disappointed that Gungun already forgot Anubhav and move on in her life while Akriti is still crying for Anubhav. Golu says that they shouldn’t make any quick judgment on anyone.

There Garima thanks Armaan for coming. She says that Gungun is left alone. Armaan asks to call him if they need anything. Gungun says that he doesn’t need anyone’s help. Armaan says that she doesn’t need help, but need support. Gungun cries remembering Anubhav. Gungun hallucinates Anubhav in front of her. She asks for whom she should live. Anubhav asks her to live for herself and says to not cry as it doesn’t suit her. He offers her water. Gungun smiles and accepts it. She comes to the reality and sees Armaan in the place of Anubhav.

At the Kulshreshths, Anubhav’s family completes puja for him. A lady blames Gungun for Anubhav’s death and says that she should get arrested for that. Golu scolds that lady defending Gungun. Akriti asks Golu how long he will support Gungun against his family. She says that the fact Gungun killed Anubhav. Golu says that Akriti lost her mind and asks her to file a case against Gungun and let the court to decide whether Gungun is guilty or not.

The episode ends.

Precap: Armaan tells Gungun that he wants to cover brave girls stories even for his channel and it’s his dream project. He asks if Gungun will support her. Gungun nods yes. Armaan gets a call. He says that Ranvijay is caught. Garima says that Anubhav’s soul will get peace now.

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