Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd February 2022 Written Update: Ridesh gives into Gungun’s request


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The episode starts with Akruti tells that she won’t judge her if she don’t talk about her especially to Anubhav. Gungun says to Akruti that she don’t have any rights to talk about her behind her back. She has no rights to call her respect less person. She knows that she is adamant and all but she dont want Akruti to judge. Gungun further says to Akruti that she is not like her who insults her mother who has given birth to her also crying for everyday to talk to her and meet her but here she is acting like this towards her mother so she has no rights to call her names.

Akruti asks Gungun to listen but Gungun stops her and tells her that he called Anubhav and learnt that she is here all she wants to try to clear the misunderstanding between her and her mother nothing else. They both disconnects the call. Anubhav asks Akruti what happened. Akruti asks Anubhav why did he give her the mobile and tells that Gungun insulted her so much. Anubhav tells Akruti that even she misbehaved with Gungun over the call. Akruti accuses Anubhav for preplanning all this that’s the reason why he asked her to stay here with him to have a coffee. Anubhav tells that Gungun called him and she isn’t aware Akruti is with him also he made Akruti have coffee with him and he isn’t aware that Gungun is going to call him. He further says to Akruti that Gungun wants to clear the misunderstanding between her and her mother nothing else. Akruti tells that she knows he will support Gungun only because they are getting married.

Anubhav tells that he is one of those person who tells what’s right and what’s wrong not someone who changes this according to his convenient. He then asks her to have the coffee and go to work. Akruti wishes that Anubhav knows about her liking towards him. She then tells Anubhav that she is not feeling well so ask him to grant her a leave. Anubhav asks her to have coffee but Akruti says she is not in mood to have and leaves the place. Anubhav says that Akruti is wrong because all Gungun wanted is to unite her with Garima. In Kulshreshth’s house Sunanda calls everyone. They all gets happy seeing the wedding card for Anubhav-Gungun’s marriage. Charu gives the wedding card to Chandru and asks him to open it first because he is his father. Chandru tells this is not a wedding card but a ticket to happiness. Sargama gets happy seeing the wedding card and prays to God the daughter who is going to enter their life fill the void of the daughter who went to live with her husband after marriage.

In Bhatnagar’s house Garima asks Ridesh which wedding card he liked the most. Ridesh asks her to choose which one she liked it. Gungun comes there. Garima asks her to choose one to which Gungun tells that she wishes they have given a option to choose her groom. Garima tells if they have given she must gave chosen a good guy but they choose her a best guy. Gungun rolls her eyes and concentrate on her mobile. Ridesh asks Garima’s opinion about the message which they are going to print it on Gungun’s wedding card. Gungun gets shocked hearing her mother Maya’s name is mentioned so she tells that Maya has no rights and says she only give birth to her name nothing else.

Garima tries to make her understand but Gungun refuses saying if there is someone’s name that should be in wedding card then it has to be Garima’s name because she is the one who taken care of her like a mother. Ridesh agrees to change the message in wedding card. Garima tells her fate is unique because her own daughter doesnt want her her niece showering her with this much love. Gungun hugs her and tells her even she loves her more than her own daughter. She then gets happy seeing the wedding card message is changed so tells atleast one thing happening as per her liking in this marriage. Ridesh tells soon she and Anubhav will start liking each other. Gungun tells nothing such will happen and remind them about her deal and says after she passes her exams she will leave Anubhav and the house. Ridesh agrees. In Kulshreshth’s house the ladies starts packing wedding card and sweets for the relatives to given. They recalls what Charu did for Golu’s wedding. They all jokes about Charu’s way of saving money.

Charu comes downstairs followed by wedding planner also the Kulshreshth’s men. He asks the wedding planner to do his work properly just like he did for Kushi’s wedding but this time there will be more guest so asks him to prepare it according to that. Golu tells they have to set up a stage that rolls during Sangeet ceremony. Charu tells its dancers who twirls not thr stage but the family members tells him there is stage like that. Charu tells he doesn’t understand and asks the wedding planner about the cost to which he tells he will done this all in three lakhs.

Charu gets shocked and tells that he paid him one lakh for Kushi’s wedding preparation so he will pay him one and half lakh for Anubhav’s wedding preparation. The wedding planner tells he paid him one and half lakh for Kushi’s wedding. The family members gets shocked but before they stop him the wedding planner reveals that the family members paid him. Charu gets angry and asks them to do whatever they want to as per their wish and leaves the place. Gungun gets a call from Anubhav who apologises to her which surprises so she asks him for what reason. Anubhav tells that Akruti shouldn’t have behaved that way. Gungun gets surprised and mocks is something went wrong in his lab because of that he is talking to her nicely.

Anubhav mocks back at her and tells he is being nice because she is sick. He further calls his marriage with Gungun a deal to which Gungun says not for their family. Anubhav agrees. In Kulshreshth’s house Sunanda tries to calm down Charu but he refuses to listen to her. The family members tells that its Charu who will taken care of all the preparation and they won’t repeat their mistakes again. Golu tells that he will not say Anubhav followed by Yug. Neeti tells that Charu will say to Anubhav. Charu gets confused and asks what they want him to tell Anubhav. Golu and his gang hides their smile.

Precap: Anubhav receives a message from Gungun’s number stating she is not feeling well also she misses him. He meets her and asks her what is she doing when he saw her eating samosas. They both gets into an argument when Gungun tells that she didnt sent him any message. Anubhav shows the message which he received which shocks Gungun.

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