Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Gungun joins Jeet network


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The episode starts with Golu arguing with Akriti defending Gungun’s innocence. Goli stops them and scolds them for arguing. Sunanda for Anubhav. Elsewhere commissioner and his team arrest Ranvijay. Gaikwad comes from behind and congratulates commissioner and his team for getting successful in their mission of catching Ranvijay. Commissioner asks how he knows about this secret mission. Gaikwad lies that he has come following them. Ranvijay glares at him.

Armaan asks Gungun if she’s joining Jeet network from the next day to which Gungun nods yes. Armaan praises Gungun’s bravery. He says that he wants to women special episodes on the channel as well. He says that it’s his dream project and asks if she will support him in this. She nods yes.

Elsewhere Ranvijay learns about Ranvijay arrest and he gets determined to send Gungun to the jail at any cost. Here Garima asks Armaan to have food. Armaan gets a call. He says to Gungun that Ranvijay caught arrested. Garima and Gungun get happy. Armaan says that their case got stronger with Ranvijay’s arrest, no one can do anything to Gungun. Garima says that Anubhav’s soul will rest in peace now.

Gungun joins Jeet network. Armaan welcomes her and introduces her to the staffs. Gungun asks Armaan why he is helping despite her being rude with him many times. Armaan jokes and she laughs. She wishes that she could have met Armaan earlier, maybe Anubhav would be with her. Armaan says that maybe she can find Anubhav in someone else. Gungun denies stating that no one can be like Anubhav. Armaan gives Gungun her first project. He asks Gungun to visit fishermen’s place and talks to their women. She has to collect their stories and present them.

Gungun feels reluctant as she never visited such place before and doubts if she can do it. Arman motivates her saying that she can do anything. Armaan introduces photographer, Sahil, to Gungun. He then takes Gungun to her cabin. Staffs gossip about Armaan, who doesn’t talk to any girls, giving special treatment to Gungun.

At the Kulshreshths, Charudatt says that they have mourned Anubhav’s death, now they have to move on now and complete incomplete work. He talks about Goli and Pradyush marriage. Goli and Pradyush refuse to get married now. Golu suggests doing simple court marriage as they’re not in the state of participating in any celebration. But Goli and Pradyush refuse to get married only after first Anubhav’s death anniversary. Charudatt gets determined to talk to the priest about their marriage.

At fishermen’s place two ladies are looking for some Madhav. Gungun and Sahil come there. Some people starts asking Gungun to click their photos. These two ladies sends thek away and asks Gungun the reason for their visit. Gungun says that she is looking for a woman who has done something inspirational.

The lady says that there’s a woman, but her house is far from here. Gungun requests them to take her to that woman’s house. They say that they have to find Madhav. Gungun offers help them to find Madhav and asks them to take her to that woman’s house in return. They agree. They find Madhav playing with other boys.

Gungun receives a call and goes apart. The lady says that they found Madhav near on the river side, he doesn’t remember even his name, so they kept his name as Madhav. She asks where the girl. Sayil asks whom Gungun. Madhav gets up hearing this name. Madhav’s face is revealed and he’s Anubhav.

The episode ends.

Precap: Goli and Pradyush get married. Armaan surprises Gungun by revealing his magazine cover picture with Gungun.

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