Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 24th March 2022 Written Update: Gungun takes Anubhav’s advice to forgive Maya


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The episode starts with Gungun gets ready. Neeti asks Anubhav to atleast stop working at late night and gives him a glass of milk. She then decides to leave but stops when she sees Gungun is calling Anubhav. She asks him to answer the call saying it must be important. Anubhav answers the call and asks Gungun the reason for calling him at late night. Gungun asks him about his favorite ice cream. Anubhav gets confused and starts scolding her which leads an argument between them.

Gungun cuts the call. Anubhav gets shocked and complains this to Neeti but the latter scolds him then leaves. Garima enters Gungun’s room and asks her to have dinner but Gungun tells that she is going to meet someone and she will return soon and leaves the place. She comes to Kulshreshth’s house. Anubhav receives a call from Gungun. He asks her what she wants. Gungun tells him there is a rat in his room so asks to come to balcony. Anubhav refuses to listen to her and calls her as a lying rat. He then comes to his balcony and gets shocked seeing Gungun is waiting for him outside.

Gungun asks Anubhav to come downstairs and threatened to climb the upstairs if he refuses so Anubhav goes out and asks Gungun why she is here at this late night. Gungun takes all flavors of ice cream from the car and shows it to him. Anubhav mocks at her saying that he isn’t aware she used to sell icecream at midnight. Gungun scolds him and tells him because of him refused to tell his favorite icecream she brought all the flavors and asks him to have it. Anubhav grows suspicious and asks Gungun is she doing this so that she can take his help to talk to Ridesh to give her something or allow her to do something which he is against. Gungun says nothing such. She is here to seek his advice about her mother.

Gungun and Anubhav goes to somewhere apart from the house. Anubhav takes an icecream. Gungun tells Anubhav that she is confused about Maya’s sudden change in behavior and she is having difficulty deciding whether to forgive Maya or not. She asks him to tell his opinion about Maya. Is he think that she should believe Maya and give her a chance. Anubhav tells Gungun that he don’t know because it’s her mother. He suggests her to take her friend’s advice but Gungun tells they have low IQ also she can’t take Garima’s advice because she is in Maya’s side neither she cant take Ridesh’s advice because don’t know how he will react so the only options left for her is him.

Anubhav tells Gungun that he thought Maya is pretending when she came to apologises to his family for her behavior but what now Gungun told about Maya is making him think may be she is truly trying to change for her. He is not sure but even the other day when Maya visited them first she talked about Gungun’s comfort which lead her to insult his family.

Gungun gets emotional and Anubhav gives her a handkerchief to wipe her tears. Gungun takes it. Anubhav advices Gungun to listen to what her heart is saying when she is having a trouble to decide which is right and wrong. Gungun looks at him. Anubhav questions her and she asks him to change his specs frame. Anubhav questions Gungun why she is wearing a hair band gifted by him instead of giving it to her maid how she planned to.

Gungun lies even her maid doesn’t like it so she decides to use it for few times then throw it making Anubhav smile. They both reach the Kulshreshth’s house. Gungun thanks him and tells him he wouldn’t have went with her if the icecream isn’t there making Anubhav angry but before he could say something Golu and gang showers rose petals on them. Golu tells Anubhav and Gungun that they are happy to see them together and asks how was their date. Gungun tells it’s an icecream date and tells she still has some in her room so they all comes downstairs. Gungun gives the icecream to everyone.

Gungun tells Golu and gang that she took Anubhav’s advice making everyone shock. They asks that she used to call Anubhav as a crazy person then why she took his advice. Gungun lies and tells that she was just testing Anubhav that he come Scientist using his knowledge or its luck which helped him.

Later Maya comes to Gungun and asks her to have dinner saying she made her favorite paratha. Gungun asks Maya to tell whether she truly loves her or not because she dont understand her behavior and she is confused. Ridesh and Garima comes there and witnesses it. Maya asks Gungun to not to think too much and feed her food. Gungun hugs Maya and tells her that she hates her. Ridesh tells Garima that Kulshreshth’s are lucky for Gungun because she got to experience her mother’s love after so long. Maya thinks to herself that she will give Gungun so much leave that will never lead her to consider Kulshreshth’s love for her.

The next day Maya calla wedding planner for pre wedding party and asks them to be the them should be on emerald color because its Gungun’s favorite color making the latter happy. The designers comes and Maya tells that they have to stich a suit for Anubhav too if Anubhav doesn’t wear it according to the party theme then this suit will help them and asks the designers to stich one seeing Anubhav’s photo and they agrees.

Precap: Maya asks Garima is she called Akruti. Garima tells that she did but she didnt answered her call because she is angry. Maya asks Akruti’s number and calls her. Akruti understands that Maya is with Garima and Gungun. She cuts the call when Maya invites her for a party shocking Maya. Garima reveals that how Akruti misbehaved with everyone including Gungun also tells her that Akruti slapped Gungun in anger once shocking Maya.

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