Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 25th July 2022 Written Update: Gungun shares about her first project experience with Armaan


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The episode starts with Armaan asking Gungun to close her eyes for a surprise. She obliges. Arman reveals the Agrima magazine’s cover page design which contains Gungun’s photo. Gungun remembers Anubhav convincing her to give interview for Agrima magazine and gets emotional. Armaan says that this magazine is a tribute for his mother and he is happy that Gungun become his magazine first cover face and she deserves this. He then asks Gungun about her visit to fishermen locality.

Gungun says that two women is about to take her to a brave washerwoman’s house, but she forgot her bag, so they have to return. She says that they have wasted their time in finding Madhav. Armaan asks Madhav. Gungun says that those women were finding him, he was playing with other kids. He asks if Sahil took any interview Gungun says that she doesn’t know, but he clicked lot of candid pictures.

Armaan asks her to start writing her experience about visiting fishermen village, so that they can add the story later on. Gungun thanks him for sending her there. Armaan says that he will send her daily there until she gets a story.

At the Kulshreshths, Charudatt tells his family that he decided to do Goli and Pradyush marriage the next day as the priest gave the next auspicious date for the end of the next month and he doesn’t want to deprive Goli and Pradyush of happiness anymore. Family agrees with Charudatt decision. Goli refuses to wear red wedding dress as whole family is shattered with Anubhav’s death. She misses Anubhav and breaks down. She wishes that Anubhav could return.

In the fishermen village, Anubhav, who has lost his memory, refuses to have food stating that he doesn’t like anything here. The lady says that it’s because he doesn’t belong to here and they can’t find his family since he doesn’t remember anything.

The girl says to consider this house as his till he gets his memory back. She says that let play a game. She says that they will tell something about each other. She says her name is Vina and asks his name. Anubhav thinks and gets pain his head. Her mother scolds Vina for disturbing Anubhav and says his wounds aren’t healed yet. Vina hears music. She drags Anubhav out and dances with him on the song Gun Gun Guna song.

At the Kulshreshths Goli and Pradyush get married. Other hand Garima tells Gungun that that day is Goli and Pradyush’s marriage. Gungun says that they should have invited Garima if not her as Garima is mother of their daughter in law. She asks who told her. Garima says that Yug told her and he tried to call Gungun too.

Gungun says that Kulshreshths are moving on after Gungun’s death. She advises Garima to reconcile with Akriti. Garima says that only Gungun is her daughter. Gungun asks her to not worry about her as she started to work.

Garima asks if she forgot Anubhav. Gungun says that she can never forget him, but someone said to make Anubhav as her strength. She is doing the same and does all things that Anubhav wanted. She tells about her visit to the fishermen locality and adds that she’s going there today too.

Armaan comes to pick up Gungun. He complaints that she made her wait. Gungun recalls Anubhav getting angry with her for making him wait. She says that she won’t get late hereafter as Anubhav doesn’t like this. Armaan asks if she’s trying to become like Anubhav. Gungun avoids to answer saying about Goli’s marriage. Armaan says if she should have wanted leave to attend it.

Gungun says thay she hasn’t invited to the wedding. Armaan asks her to check the car back seat. Gungun obliges. She gets surprised finding lot of chocolates and asks about the same to Armaan. The latter says that he is accompany Gungun to the fishermen locality and the chocolates are to distribute to the kids there. At the Kulshreshths, after Pradyush and Goli wedding they pose a family picture. They miss Anubhav and click photo with Anubhav’s photo frame.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vina makes Anubhav to promise her to stay always with her. Gungun is distributing sweets to the children there. Vina runs taking Anubhav with her. Gungun gets shocked seeing this.

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