Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 26th March 2022 Written Update: Maya warns Akruti


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The episode starts with Garima thanks Maya but the latter tells it’s her responsibility and they are family. Ridesh tells Maya if she had valued the relationships then their family wouldn’t have broken and their daughter might have not been endured the pain of not having a mother love. Maya tells Ridesh that everything happen for a reason. Maybe this is the time everything between them to sort out. Gungun asks Maya to stay here for a while after her marriage. Maya reminds her that she is the one who asked her when she is leaving when she returned India few days before. Gungun tells Maya that she asked a guest to that question but now she is her mother.

Maya smiles and tells Gungun that she will stay here until she wants. Gungun tells that she is going to the Kulshreshth’s house to talk about the party theme. Ridesh asks her do she really think that they will understand and accept it. Gungun tells that she dont think so but she will turn this impossible into possible just like my mother and gives her a flying kiss. Maya smiles at Gungun. She asks Gungun to give a dress which she bought for Chavi saying Anubhav refuses to accept anything from them but atleast she can gift something to Chavi right. Gungun takes the bag and leaves the house to meet the Kulshreshth’s.

Garima goes to Maya and thanks her for making Akruti to come to this party. Maya tells Garima that she did this for Gungun only because she want her daughter to get married all the important people in their life. Garima smiles and tells Maya that she want nothing but to see Akruti for the entire party that is more than enough for her. Ridesh tells that he hope Akruti understands the reason behind Garima’s decision to stay away from her. Maya forces a smile.

Gungun shows the dress to Chavi and the Kulshreshth’s which Maya bought for Chavi. Everyone gets shocked and hides their smile. Yug teases Chavi by asking her to wear this dress. Sunanda asks Gungun about the remaining part of the dress. Gungun tells its a party wear dress and a cool dress too. Chandru jokes but Sargam clarifies the joke to Gungun. Gungun asks Chavi to accept her gift. Chavi hesitates. Sunanda tells that they are never used to wear these type of dresses. Gungun asks after she becomes their daughter in law will they stop her from wearing western clothes.

Everyone says no. Sargam makes Gungun understand saying that in this house everyone likes to wear the dress according to their liking towards the dress. Anubhav comes there. Gungun taunts him for refused to accept Maya’s request to accept the party wear dress. Anubhav tells that they already talked about it. Golu tells Gungun that Anubhav will wear the same suit which he wore on the award ceremony.

Gungun tells Akruti and everyone from their side of relatives saw it already. The Kulshreshth’s questions is she invited Akruti to the party even after she slapped her the other day. Gungun tells them that Maya invited her also Maya scolded her for slapping her so now everything is normal. She also tells for her aunt Garima’s happiness she will do anything making the Kulshreshth’s happy. Maya video calls Gungun and asks her to select a dress for a party.

Gungun sees all the dresses and asks the designer to choose anything because she liked all the three. The designer asks Gungun to make Anubhav talk to her..Anubhav refuses but gives in as per his family’s request. Gary notes Anubhav’s measurements then Maya greets the Kulshreshth’s then cuts the call. Maya becomes angry wondering how to break the bond Gungun shares with the Kulshreshth’s. Later Goli goes to Chandru’s room.

Chandru tells his decision to sing a rap song on Anubhav-Gungun’s pre wedding party but Goli asks him not to..they both talks about Pradyush. Goli tells Chandru that she is a strong women so she dont have any problem facing Pradyush in Anubhav-Gungun’s marriage. Chandru praises her for being brave. He then gets upset when Goli disappears after he tells her that he wants to show her his singing skills.

Maya is using a pain relieving spray in her ankle. Gungun comes there with a box in her hand. She asks Maya what happened to her ankle. Maya tells due to preparations she is having a pain. Gungun asks Maya to left it to the planners to which Maya tells that she wants to arrange everything on her own for this pre wedding party. Gungun tells Sargam gives a laddu which is made by ayurvedic products and tells that Goli told her about the benefits of ayurvedic and asks Maya to have one. When Maya refuses Gungun that they shouldn’t waste food. Maya asks Gungun who she likes and who she domt like and what she likes in the Kulshreshth’s.

Gungun tells that she likes everyone except Anubhav and he also dont like her. She then starts saying the first thing she likes is they are joint family who will never let the other feel alone and starts saying what she likes in each and everyone. She then gives a laddu to Maya saying they shouldn’t waste food and leaves. Maya gets angry that Gungun is changing because of the Kulshreshth’s and ruins the laddu. Later she and Akruti talks to each other over a call. Maya insults Anubhav and Kulshreshth’s and calls Anubhav a Stupid Of the Year for trusting that she has changed in a day. Akruti defends Anubhav. She then tells that she loves Anubhav that’s why she is possessive about him.

Maya tells that she loves Gungun for her happiness she is going to break this alliance so warns Akruti to not to do something to hurt or upset her daughter. Gungun wonders whether to sleep beside Maya like how she used to do it during her childhood and calls Maya and finds its busy so she thinks Maya mustbe talking to someone from US and decides to go to her room meanwhile Maya tells Akruti that for the Kulshreshth’s their respect is everything which she is going to ruin it in the party for sure. Gungun comes there and looks at Maya.

Precap: Anubhav tells his family members that he is going to the institute because the party is in the evening only. Golu and gang threatens Anubhav to reach home on time or else they will make Gungun marry someone else. Maya tells Akruti that she dont want Gungun to marry Anubhav and the latter wants Anubhav so they both can use each others help.

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