Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 27th June 2022 Written Update: Gungun and Anubhav are honored as husband and wife


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The episode starts with Anubhav saying that they guy with Gungun kidnapped him and handed him to the terrorists and police arrested him, but he is bailed out due to his father’s influency. Dean is shocked to hear this and asks if Gungun is aware of this.

Anubhav says that she must knew it yet she’s marrying him. Dean says to Anubhav to stop Gungun from doing this mistake. Anubhav says that it’s her own decision, so she won’t listen to anyone.

Gungun is about to fall. Anubhav holds her. They share an eyelock. She straightens herself and asks if he can’t watch by looking forward. Anubhav asks the same. Ranvijay taunts Anubhav and says that he is here to take of Gungun, Anubhav threatens that it will be difficult for him if he tells his truth. Ranvijay glares at Anubhav angrily.

Dean asks them to calm down as all are watching them. Dean says to Gungun that Anubhav didn’t want to come, she forced him to come. She adds that she understands the reason now. Dean says that Anubhav is also fought for the country which wasn’t shown on the TV else he would also won an award, but he earned respect which isn’t less than any award. Dean and Anubhav leave.

Golu, Ankit and Yug meet Gungun and congratulate her for the award. Gungun deliberately ignore them and asks Ranvijay to click her photo while receiving the award to upload in social media. Gungun refuses when Golu says that he wants to talk to her. Gungun says them to not disturb her, she will call them when she will want to. Ranvijay warns them to not disturb his wife hereafter. Yug gets angry. Golu stops Yug from fighting with Ranvijay.

Golu, Yug and Ankit regret coming to the ceremony for Gungun and decide to leave. Just then Ankit spots Anubhav and notifies Golu and Yug. They’re shocked to see him there. Just then Akriti and Kulshreshths arrive there. They sit with Anubhav. Akriti holds Anubhav’s hand. Gungun feels bad seeing this. Gungun recalls Charudatt words and thinks that she is ready to become bad so that Anubhav can get closer to his family.

The host says that they’re going to award Gungun Kulshreshths for her bravery and he mentions Gungun and Anubhav as husband and wife which angers Akriti and Ranvijay. They show a film of Gungun which shows her struggles. Anubhav gets emotional seeing this. The host says that this is how a wife saved her husband from death.

Ranvijay wipes Gungun’s tears. Gungun pushes his hand away. The host then praises Anubhav for not giving in to terrorists demand. The host calls Anubhav and Gungun to the stage. Charudatt says to Anubhav to go and asks him to correct the host that Akriti is his wife and not Gungun.

Gungun and Anubhav get on the stage and receive the bouquet from the minister. The host asks Anubhav to honor his wife by putting the medal around her neck.

Anubhav does so which isn’t liked by the Kulshreshths. Akriti scolds Gungun for not telling that she’s not Anubhav’s wife. The host says that government decided to honor Anubhav as well and asks Gungun to wear make Anubhav wear the medal. Anubhav says that he has misunderstanding, but it wasn’t heard due to the applause sounds. Gungun puts the medal around Gungun’s neck.

The host says to Gungun to say few words. Gungun says that she wants to clear a misunderstanding first. She says that she’s not Anubhav Kulshreshths wife. She says that she had to lie. She adds that someone else is Anubhav’s wife. Charudatt gets happy hearing this while Golu and his gang are shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Anubhav phones Gungun and asks her to meet him. Gungun refuses. She agrees when Anubhav requests her. Anubhav and Gungun meet in the café. Akriti arrives there and shouts Anubhav shocking Gungun and Anubhav.

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