Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Armaan informs the Kulshreshths about Anubhav being alive


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The episode starts with Radha crying and saying that no one will marry Bina now as her marriage got cancelled and will taunt her. Bina says that marriage isn’t everything in a girl’s life and asks why she didn’t get her married in young age instead of educating her. She says to keep her daughter at home considering her as her son. Armaan and all clap hands for Bina. Armaan praises Bina’s bravery to express her point of view in front of all.

Gungun says that Bina has the courage to change the society. She shows the cover photo of the magazine with Bina and Radha’s picture on it. Gungun says that Bina is the hero and heroin of her story. Radha feels proud of Bina. She apologizes to Gungun for acting selfish. Gungun thanks Radha for looking after her Anubhav. Gungun says that Bina made proud of the women and inspired them all.

Armaan thanks Bina to let them cover her story. He promises to spend all the profits of her cover story to educate the girls of the locality. Racha says that a wedding will definitely happen as the wedding arrangements are made. She says that Gungun and Anubhav’s wedding will take place. The head agrees with her. Gungun worries about Bina. The head says that he promised to find a good match for Bina and gets her married if Anubhav is already married.

Gungun and Anubhav get glad. They look at each other smiling and recalling all their past. Armaan says that he bought the gifts for Bina and Madhav, but they’re destined for them. He adds that the ring size is his and asks Anubhav to check his size to adjust it. Anubhav thanks Armaan for his efforts to find him. Armaan says that Gungun’s love found him, he was just medium for that. Anubhav excuses himself from there.

Anubhav comes to Bina. He apologizes to Bina. He says that he feels bad for Bina and Radha. Bina says that she’s happy that he got his love. She says that Gungun is a nice girl and will take him to the doctor after their marriage. She presents him a gift. At the Kulshreshths Akriti phones Charudatt.

She says that she changed her decision, she doesn’t want money, but she wants a share in the property as the rate of their property can increase in the future due the high way construction near their house. She further says that she won’t sell her part, but will rent it. Charudatt refuses to allow a stranger to stay in their house and scolds Akriti. Just then Golu receives Armaan’s call. Golu says remembers spotting Gungun with Armaan. He expresses his disappointment about Gungun easily moving on in her life with Armaan.

The latter asks to put the call on speaker. Golu obliges. Armaan says that it’s about Anubhav, he is alive shocking all. Charudatt asks what bad joke it’s. Armaan says that this is the fact and asks them to the address he will send. Charudatt didn’t hang the call so, Akriti hears their talk.

Bina helps Gungun to get ready as a bride. Gungun and Anubhav come getting ready for the wedding. Anubhav asks Gungun about his family. Gungun says that they all are fine. Anubhav tries to remember them and feels pain in his head. Gungun says to not think of anything which hurts him instead to think of things reduce his pain. Anubhav remembers about Gungun and their moments together.

He says that his pain reduces whenever he thinks about Gungun. The latter says that they will see a doctor after their marriage then he will get well soon. She says that they can meet his family after that. Anubhav recalls Charudatt and prohibiting him from meeting Gungun. He refuses to return to his family and says that he wants to live his with Gungun here.

The episode ends.

Precap: Charudatt misunderstands Gungun and scolds her. Armaan stops him and praises Gungun’s love for Anubhav. Kulshreshths get emotional to see Anubhav alive. Anubhav is shocked to see Akriti.

The episode starts with Bina is getting ready for the wedding. Radha hands groom clothes to Anubhav and asks to go and change it in his sister’s house which is located after two streets. Anubhav nods ok and leaves. Other hand Gungun comes getting decked up to attend Bina’s marriage. Armaan gets mesmerized seeing her and compliments her look. Gungun pulls his leg saying that he has dressed up like he is going to attend an interview.

Armaan asks how Bina’s husband looks. Gungun says that she didn’t see him. Armaan hopes that Bina saw him and jokes. Gungun says that it’s love come arranged marriage, Bina loves him very much. Armaan hopes that he could also get his love like Bina. She reminds Anubhav that he wanted to tell her something. Armaan says that she will tell him before the end of the day.

Anubhav is looking for Radha sister’s house and he is unable to find it. He stumbles and falls down in the mud. He faints getting hit his head to a stone. Armaan and Gungun reach the wedding venue. Gungun finds that all are being happy. Armaan jokes saying that it’s not their wedding. Armaan asks if Gungun’s had grand wedding. Gungun gets sad remembering Anubhav filling her hairline.

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