Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 30th July 2022 Written Update: Akriti gets adamant to get the money by the end of the day


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The episode starts with Gungun saying to Armaan that no one can replace Anubhav in her life. Armaan and Gungun decide to return lucknow after Bina marriage. They both say simultaneously to get gift for Bina. At the Kulshreshths, family struggle to arrange money to give Akriti. Golu comes back home and will says that it will take a week to break the FD ok Anubhav’s name. Akriti comes home and says that she can’t wait a week.

Chandru tells her that they are ready to give her money in exchange of property share. Akriti taunts that they don’t have money even to run their house. She demands to give the money before the end of the day else she will bring advocate and sell her share in the property to get her money. Family tries to explain Akriti their attachment to the house and requests her to wait.

Sargam says that they fought with Anubhav for Akriti. Akriti says that they gave Anubhav a second chance whereas they wouldn’t gave her a second chance if she had done same mistake. She says that they couldn’t stop Anubhav and some people from the house even helped Anubhav to hide his mistake. Golu scolds Akriti to defame a death person.

Akriti gives a paper and asks to sign them. Golu reads that paper and says that he didn’t imagine that Akriti can stoop so low for money. Charudatt asks about the content of the paper. Golu says that Akriti wanted the ten lakh of Anubhav’s prize money. Golu says that Anubhav got this money before marrying Akriti and he happily gave it to Charudatt. The latter made a FD on Sargam and Anubhav’s name.

Akriti asks to take it as a compensation for the mental torture that Anubhav gave her. Golu says that Akriti doesn’t have rights on the money and she won’t get it. Akriti says that she knows to get her rights. She can file register case against Anubhav, but she can file a torture case against Sargam. In that case their family’s reputation will be ruined and they will go into the jail.

Sargam takes the paper to sign it. Charudatt, Chandru and Golu ask Sargam to not sign. Sargam says that it’s about their family’s reputation. She is about to sign. Golu snatches the paper and says that won’t budge to Akriti’s unfair demand. He tears up the paper saying that they’re not scared of threat. Akriti says to start countdown for the destruction of their family and its reputation.

At the fishermen locality Anubhav and Bina pre wedding ritual is going on. Bina says few lines about Anubhav. The latter also few poetic lines about Bina. They were drag for dance. Other hand Gungun and Armaan come to a jewelry shop.

Armaan suggests giving Bina cash instead of gift so it will be helpful for their wedding. They decide to gift a ring along with cash. Gungun checks the ring. She gets lost in Anubhav’s thought. Armaan slides a ring in her finger. Gungun comes to the reality and asks what he is doing. Armaan says that he didn’t propose her, just checking ring size.

Armaan says that he wants to tell something, but will tell it the next day. Gungun asks what. Armaan says that he lost something and got it back. He asks her to guess it till the next day. Gungun jokes and thanks her for being her friend. Armaan asks what if he wants to be more than friend. Gungun says that best friend. The staff gave the the packed ring.

Other hand Anubhav sings the song and says that he already used to sing this song for someone. Bina says that Gungun said that he will get well if they visit doctor. She says that that they can create new memories together and asks him to sing. Anubhav sings Kabhi Kabhi ittefaq sey.

The episode ends.

Precap: Armaan asks who is Bina’s husband. Gungun says that she didn’t see him yet. Armaan asks if Bina saw him and jokes. Gungun says that it’s love come arrange marriage, Bina loves him very much. Radha asks Anubhav to get ready for the marriage. Anubhav looks on tensed.

Star Plus famous Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey is all set for more drama with Golu and Ankit confronting Gungun.
In the current story it’s seen that Gungun learns that Bina has likes Madhav and she found him unconscious while she went for fishing on the sea.

Gungun hears Madhav and gets emotional finding his voice similar to Anbhav’s voice. She gets disturbed thinking about it. Later she shared about the same with Armaan. The latter says that those who are dead can’t return and she had a misconception.
He took Gungun to have golgappe. In the market Golu and Ankit spot Gungun and Armaan laughing. Golu misunderstands Gungun. Golu and Ankit confront Gungun and accuses of faking her love for Anubhav just to gain popularity. Armaan defends Gungun, but in vain.
Other hand Radha meets the head of their locality and they decide to get Madhav aka Anubhav and Bina during the puja which will take place the day after tomorrow. Meanwhile Gungun plans to meet Madhav the next day.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Anubhav will get angry with Radha and Bina for locking him up in the house whenever they go out.
Radha will say that because Anubhav gets lost every time he goes out. Bina will ask Anubhav if he likes her to which Anubhav will say that he doesn’t like her because he left her alone. Bina will ask if he wants her to be always with him.
Anubhav will ask if it’s possible. Radha will say that it’s possible if they get married. On hearing the word sorry Anubhav will remember filling Gungun’s hairline with vermillion.

What will happen next? Will Anubhav get his memory back before his marriage with Bina? Will Gungun see Madhav aka Anubhav?
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