Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 30th June 2022 Written Update: Akriti leaves Kulshreshths’ house


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The episode starts with Akriti shouting Anubhav. Gungun recalls Charudatt words and starts to leave. Akriti stops Gungun by holding her hands. She says that Gungun lied the other day on the stage of doing everything for her sister and now she’s eyeing the same sister’s husband. She says that she won’t spare both them today.

She lashes out at Anubhav for breaking the promise given to Charudatt and to himself of not meeting Gungun again. Akriti’s colleagues laugh. Akriti says that she’s getting mocked for Anubhav’s mistake. Akriti then rebukes Gungun for returning again and again in her and Anubhav’s life. She raises her hand to slap Gungun. Anubhav holds Akriti’s hand. He says that Gungun didn’t want to meet him, but he insisted her.

Akriti asks if he isn’t ashamed to say this. She says that enough of hide and seek, today a decision should be made. The café manager intervenes and says that their customers are getting disturbed because of them. Anubhav apologizes to them. Akriti says to Anubhav that sorry won’t be enough. She says that he made fun of himself, but she won’t do the same. She leaves.

Gungun says that she didn’t want to come for this reason, but she did right by coming as she got to know Ranvijay’s truth. Anubhav asks if she won’t marry Ranvijay after knowing the truth. Gungun says that it’s not important. She says to not call her again as she doesn’t want them get mocked again and again in public. Anubhav says that he doesn’t care what other thinks about him. He called as he wanted her to know the truth. He says that he hopes that Gungun won’t marry Gungun and spoil her life. Gungun says that Akriti is mad at him.

She asks him to convince her and be happy with her. Anubhav asks how Gungun can be sure that his happiness is with Akriti. He asks Gungun to tell whom she gave promise. Gungun says that it’s not necessary that he knows it. She leaves. Anubhav wonders whom Gungun could have given her words. He worries what drama Akriti would do at home.

Akriti asks Charudatt to take a decision today itself and threatens to leave the house. Golu says that meeting someone isn’t a crime to leave the house. Charudatt shouts at Golu for supporting Anubhav. Akriti says that she won’t stay in this house hereafter. Just then Anubhav returns home.

Golu tells him that family is angry as Akriti told them everything. Family lashes out at Anubhav. Charudatt reminds Anubhav that he promised to not meet Gungun. Anubhav tries to say why he met her. Charudatt refuses to listen to his justification. He says that Anubhav keeps breaking his promises and asks what he wants at last. Akriti says that he wants Gungun and she wants divorce.

Sargam says to Akriti that fights happens between couple it doesn’t mean to end the relationship. She assures to find a solution and asks to be patience. Akriti says that she can’t wait all her life hoping everything will be fine. She says that she’s leaving. Charudatt folds his hands and oleads with her to not take any wrong decision. Charudatt says that no one got divorced in his family.

Akriti says that none of this family daughters in law gone through so much. Chandru asks Anubhav if he won’t mend his ways. Anubhav says to listen why he met Gungun. Akriti says that he must have gone to celebrate getting the award with Gungun. She says to party everyday with Gungun as she’s leaving. Akriti walks out. Sargam questions her upbringing.

Gungun comes to Ranvijay’s house and confronts Ranvijay’s about kidnapping abd handing Anubhav to the terrorists. Ranvijay and his dad deny it. Gungun says that Ranvijay is lying. Ranvijay says that Anubhav must have told Gungun this, but he lied to her as he is jealous of him, he wants to break their marriage.

Gungun refuses to marry Ranvijay and says that she will get Ranvijay punished for what he did with Anubhav. Ranvijay asks how Gungun dared to meet Anubhav without his permission. Gungun shouts that who he is to question her. Ranvijay swears to not spare Anubhav. Gungun slaps Ranvijay and warns to say anything against him.

Family asks Anubhav to convince Akriti and apologize to her. Anubhav refuses as meeting Gungun isn’t a mistake. Sargam says that Akriti wants to end the relationship because of the mistakes he did so far. Anubhav says that Akriti wants divorce then why they’re making him understand him instead her.

Sunanda says to bend down to save the relationship. Anubhav says that both should make effort to save the relationship. He says to not expect anything from him. Charudatt worries what Akriti will do now. Akriti phones Ranvijay and says that she wants to take revenge. Ranvijay says that he too.

The episode ends.

Precap: Golu says to Anubhav to divorce Akriti and marry Gungun. Anubhav says to Akriti that Gungun is also his responsibility, if she has problem with it, they should part their ways.

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