Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 30th March 2022 Written Update: Sarvam and Kaamini mocks at Anubhav


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The episode starts with Maya’s friend mocks at the Kulshreshth’s for living together in one house. Maya tells Kaamini there are three more people. Kaamini sees Golu and Yug are arranging the preparation. She scolds them for not making the arrangements on time. Maya tells Kaamini they are Anubhav’s uncle and brother. Kaamini tells that she doesn’t know they are relatives of groom because she is watching them for a while doing all the work. She further adds their clothes are so cheap so she thought that they are worker’s. She then says why they are working this much because nowadays even worker’s can’t work this much even after they gets paid.

Golu tells Kaamini that they are ashamed of working like a workers in this party. They are groom family doesn’t mean they don’t have to help the bride family in the party arrangements. Chandru tells that they consider Gungun as their daughter so nothing wrong in this. Garima praises the Kulshreshth’s saying Gungun is very lucky to be part of their family which angers Maya. Gungun comes downstairs. Her friends surrounds her asking where is her fiancee. They also jokes her fiancee must have left her after seeing her anger and laughs.

Gungun hears someone is calling her name and she looks and find its Sarvam. Sarvam tells Gungun that her hashtag is so boring. Gungun tells marriage happens with bride and groom not with the hashtag. Sarvam persuades Gungun to have a drink and snack with him but the latter refuses. He asks her not to show her anger which is meant to be for her fiancee on him because its not his mistake he is late. Gungun tells that Anubhav is busy because he is a Scientist. Sarvam mocks and tells that he can’t wait to see the Scientist fiancee of her’s.

Anubhav enters the party venue in his work clothes. Gungun gets happy seeing him. Anubhav introduces himself to Sarvam and the latter mocks at him. Anubhav insults Sarvam which makes Gungun happy. Gungun then drags Anubhav to the room.

They both hears Gungun’s friends are talking about Anubhav’s clothes are not good and mocking at him. Gungun scolds Anubhav for not wearing a suit and questions him why he is late. She also asks is he is with Akruti. Anubhav tells that he is with Akruti and he is the one who saved her from the fire which caught in the lab and he dropped her in her hostel and that’s the reason he was late. Gungun gets worried and asks him how is Akruti now. Anubhav asks her not to worry saying Akruti is fine.

He also tells that he wear suit on special occasions only. Gungun questions don’t he consider their pre wedding party as their special occasion which makes Anubhav speechless. She then calls someone and asks to bring the groom plan b. Anubhav asks what is is and Gungun jokes there is another groom.

Anubhav jokes back asking her to marry that groom. The worker brings suit but Anubhav refuses to wear it which lead Gungun to scold him. Gungun tries to open the shirt button of Anubhav to help him change but Anubhav stops her and asks her to go out then he will change into the clothes. Gungun waits for Anubhav outside the room. She gets mesmerised seeing Anubhav in a suit. But she covers her admiration and jokes that he looks like a human. They both enters the venue where everyone is together. The guests says they are made for each other. Charu praises Anubhav and Gungun with the Maha Kavi’s poem.

He asks Anubhav why he is late but Sunanda scolds him and Goli stops her before it turns into an argument between them. Sargam asks Sunanda to do the ritual. Sunanda does this. Maya and Kaamini watches this from far. The latter says that she can’t believe they still have faith in such superstitious things to which Maya says they are illiterate.

Maya goes to Ridesh and tells him Anubhav is here. Ridesh and Maya greets Anubhav. Maya says Anubhav looks handsome also asks him why he was late. Anubhav thanks her for the compliment. He also tells there was some emergency that’s why he was late and apologises to her. Golu and gang questions Anubhav about his suit. Maya taunts saying other people’s things always looks good on them shocking everyone. Gungun asks Maya why did she said such things to which Maya says that she didnt meant for Anubhav.

Garima asks Anubhav about Akruti and Anubhav tells Akruti is having a headache but Garima gets sad thinking its Akruti’s excuse to not to come to the party. Gungun tells Garima that Akruti is indeed sick. She then goes to Anubhav who is with Maya and her friends. Maya talks about Kaamini and Sarvam’s income. Gungun mocks at Kaamini and Sarvam and praises Anubhav and says he is like a celebrity which surprises Anubhav.

Sarvam asks that means he must earn much. He mockingly asks where he hides all the money. Anubhav tells that he dont have to hide from income tax officers because he dont hide anything. Maya mocks how Anubhav’s house looks like. Kaamini and Sarvam laughs which angers Gungun. Anubhav tells Kaamini and Sarvam that they insisted so he will reveal his income and tells that its less that her age only making Gungun laugh loudly. Maya and her friend looks furious.

Precap: Sunanda refuses to have a welcome drink which leads Maya to mock at her. Anubhav gives a befitting reply to Maya. Gungun tells Maya that she and her friends have any rights to insult the Kulshreshth’s and demands her to apologise to them. Maya looks at Gungun.

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