Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Kulshreshths apologize to Gungun


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The episode starts with Anubhav saying to Gungun that he doesn’t want to return to his family. He is dead for them, so he wants to have a new start with Gungun in Mumbai. Gungun refuses to separate Anubhav from his family. She says that she saw them mourning for his death and she can’t let them be in the pain which doesn’t exist. Anubhav says that they try to separate them again. Gungun saus that she can’t separate him from his family for her happiness. She says that they’re going to get married and it’s enough for her.

Radha takes Anubhav to the temple. Bina friend gives Armaan Anubhav’s safa and asks to give him when he will return from the temple. Armaan nods ok and puts it around his neck. Kulshreshths arrive there. They misunderstand that Armaan and Gungun are getting married. Golu says that he called them by lying. They lash out at Gungun for getting remarried easily forgetting Anubhav.

Armaan stops them. He says that he called them here so, asks them to talk to him. He says that Gungun never forgot Anubhav, no one could love Anubhav more than Gungun. Charudatt blames Gungun for Anubhav’s death. Armaan asks for proof. He says that he is a reporter and he can differentiate between truth and lie. He says that he got to know that Gungun isn’t a murderer when she told him the full story. He tells them what all had happened.

Charudatt asks Gungun why she didn’t tell the truth earlier. Armaan says that they didn’t give her a chance to explain and Akriti… Charudatt saye to not take her name and says that she’s selfish girl who wants to break the family. Armaan says that Gungun always fulfilled a daughter in law and wife’s duty towards their family. Charudatt asks Armaan if he lied that Anubhav is alive to tell them Gungun’s truth.

Armaan says that he didn’t lie, Gungun’s true love finally found Anubhav. Just then Anubhav comes there. Kulshreshths get elated to see Anubhav alive. Anubhav meet everyone in the family and share an emotional hug. Armaan says that they got to know today that Anubhav is alive. He tells them what had happened. Armaan says that Anubhav had lost his memory, but he got it back on seeing Anubhav. He says that Anubhav and Gungun are destined.

Charudatt folds his hands and apologizes to Gungun. Armaan says that Gungun loves Anubhav unconditionally, but she never tried to separate him from his family. She could have settled down in Mumbai marrying Anubhav, but she wants Anubhav to be with his family. Sunanda and Goli realize that they are misunderstood Gungun and apologize to her.

 Charudatt says that he will rectify his mistake. He says that Gungun and Anubhav will get married and they can stay together forever with their blessings. Gungun asks what about Akriti. Charudatt tells about Akriti’s demand. Gungun assures to give Akriti as much money she wants, she won’t let the house divide.

Gungun introduces Radha who take care of Anubhav when he lost his memory. Sargam thanks Radha. Chandru apologizes to Armaan for misunderstanding him and Goli thanks Armaan for revealing the truth. Charudatt asks all to not cry as it’s the day for Anubhav and Gungun’s marriage. Just then Akriti comes and says that this marriage can’t happen as Anubhav is already married to her.

The episode ends.

Precap: Akriti says to Anubhav that they all are fooling him taking advantage of his lost memory. She accuses Gungun of trying to kill Anubhav. Gungun shouts shut up. She says that Akriti and Maya teamed up.

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