Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 5th August 2022 Written Update: Gungun and Anubhav get married


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The episode starts with Gungun and Anubhav performing the wedding rituals. Anubhav puts the mangalsutra around Gungun’s neck and fills her hairline with vermillion. They take the seven rounds around the holy fire. Gungun and Anubhav take Charudatt blessings. He apologize to him. Charudatt hugs them. They take the blessings of the rest of the family.

Charudatt sees Sunanda praying to God. Sunanda says that she lost her faith on God after Anubhav death, but she got it back seeing Anubhav alive. Charudatt thanks God for returning Anubhav. Charudatt says that God made everything fine. Sunan says that Anubhav got his love and they got their daughter-in-law. Sunanda wishes to visit Kashi Vishwanath and offer prayers to God. Charudatt agrees to go as now everything sorted out.

Golu and his gang have a talk about Anubhav and Gungun’s marriage. They express their joy of finally seeing them wedded. Golu says that thy destined to get married in a weird circumstance. Nithi feels guilty of misunderstanding Gungun and supporting Akriti.

Golu says that she fulfilled a duty of a daughter-in-law by supporting another daughter-in-law. Nithi says that they were always right about Akriti and Gungun. Golu says that it’s because they saw Anubhav and Gungun’s hatred turning into love. He says that they understood Gungun and Anubhav are made for each other when they saw them first time together.

Golu and Yug say that even they misunderstood Gungun when they saw Gungun with Armaan. Kushi says to stop discussing the past. Nithi suggests planning a surprise for Gungun and Anubhav. Golu says to let them return to lucknow, they stayed back in Mumbai for a mother on the pretext of a seminar. They laugh.

Mithilesh is in call with his lawyer. The lawyer tells him that Anubhav is alive and Ranvijay’s life will be ruined if Anubhav witnesses against Ranvijay. Mithilesh speaks rudely with the lawyer which angers the latter. Ranvijay’s mom requests the lawyer to save Ranvijay. The lawyer says that he can only bail him out and only he can do this in Lucknow. Mithilesh apologizes to the lawyer.

Ranvijay parents and their lawyer come to the police station to meet Anubhav. The inspector says that Ranvijay got shifted to another jail where dangerous criminals are kept. He asks them to meet him there. Other hand Shankar asks how Anubhav can marry Gungun without divorcing Akriti and decides to teach a lesson to the Kulshreshths and especially to Garima. Shankar phones Garima. Shankar says that Garima should be ashamed to support Gungun leaving her daughter Akriti.

Garima says that she’s ashamed of Akriti’s act. She demanded the Kulshreshths a share in their property. Shankar asks what is wrong in that. Garima blames Shankar’s upbringing for Akriti’s wrongdoings. She lashes out at him. She says that Gungun anf Anubhav have God’s blessings so they’re together and happy while Akriti’ and Shankar are alone and sad.

Shankar asks her to stop lecturing him. He threatens to file a court case against Anubhav and Gungun for marrying without divorcing Akriti. Garima threatens to file a case against Shankar if he does so. She says to apologize to Anubhav and his family if he doesn’t want to face any legal actions. Shankar advises Akriti to forget Anubhav as Garima threatened to file a case against him. Akriti asks why Garima will file case against him.

Shankar confesses that Garima left him because he had an affair with his sister in law. He provoked Akriti against Garima, so she doesn’t leave him too. He feels guilty of his act and says to Akriti that they should apologize to Garima. He says that he did wrong with Garima, so his daughter is bearing it’s Karma. He advises her to apologize to Garima and Kulshreshths.

The episode ends.

Precap: Kulshreshths welcome Anubhav and Gungun home. Charudatt apologize to Gungun. Gungun says that he shouldn’t apologize to her since he is like her father.

The episode starts with Akriti saying that Anubhav and Gungun’s marriage can’t happen since he is already married to her. Golu wonders how Akriti reached here. Akriti tries to manipulate Anubhav against Gungun and his family unaware of Anubhav getting back his memory. She says that they all are fooling him. She blames Gungun for trying to kill Anubhav.

She says that Gungun manipulated his whole family and got them on her side. She tells that Gungun and her mother insulted Anubhav and his family in the pre wedding party. Gungun shouts shut up. She says that Akriti teamed with her mother to marry Anubhav. She further says that she has proof for that. She has the chats of her mother’s. She reads those chats. In the chat Maya says to not trust Akriti and mentions about their plotting to break Anubhav and Gungun’s marriage. Akriti says that Gungun is lying and rebukes her.

Anubhav shuts Akriti’s mouth and warns to not utter a word against Gungun. Anubhav says that he doesn’t remember everything, but he remembers Akriti’s misbehavior with Gungun. He says that Akriti is jealous so, she joined hands with Maya and insulted them in the party to make Gungun villain in front of his family. She did drama of being a perfect daughter-in-law in front of his family and got married to him.

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