Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 8th July 2022 Written Update: Akriti gets mad when she receives Anubhav’s photo with Gungun


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The episode starts with Pradyush saying to Goli that he wants to rectify his mistake and requests to give him another chance. Goli refuses to forgive Pradyush and give him another chance. Chandru asks Goli to once listen to Pradyush’s complete talk.

Charudatt says that they’re still facing the consequences of trusting Pradyush. He says that they neither hurt Goli anymore nor let anyone hurt her. He says that Goli will decided and the matter ends here if Goli rejects his proposal. He says that they forgive Pradyush’s deception, but can’t forget it. Goli walks from there.

She locks herself in and cries. Here Pradyush says that he was helpless in the past and pleads with Charudatt to give him another chance. Charudatt says that Pradyush already broke their trust and his words and apologize doesn’t have any effects now. Chandru agrees with Charudatt. Pradyush asks them to punish him, but before that let him talk to Goli. Charudatt refuses. Pradyush accepts Charudatt’s decision.

He says that he waited for 15 years to talk to them and apologize to Goli hoping she will forgive. He says that she’s not forgiving him is his biggest punishment, if his mother was alive, she would have convinced Goli because Goli served Goli in her last days. He says that they can stop him from meeting Goli, but they can’t stop him from waiting for Goli or trying. He says that he will come back evening and leaves.

Golu calls Gungun and says that they have booked hall. Gungun and Anubhav are dancing in a function. Gungun thanks Golu. The inspector says to the commissioner that Ranvijay isn’t in Lucknow, but in Mumbai. Commissioner asks why it’s getting time go catch Ranvijay. The inspector says that someone from their department is helping him by leaking the information. Commissioner says that he also has the same doubt and asks to catch that person first.

Charudatt, Sunanda, Sargam and Chandru have a talk about Pradyush. Sargam worries that Goli will lock herself again due to Pradyush return. Charudatt says that his sister is strong, she has been bearing the pain since 15 yeras. Pradyush return must have increased her pain, but couldn’t break her. Charudatt asks Chandru to talk to Goli. Sargam says that she will go along with Chandru. Charudatt says that Goli always supported him in his good and bad time and feels helpless that he can’t bring happiness in her life.

Ranvijay gets mad at Gailwad for not killing Anubhav yet. He also complaints that he took his phone and can’t check social media. Gaikwad asks how he can be fool and forget that police can reach to him by tracking his phone. Gaikwad calms Ranvijay down and says that his men are keeping an eye on Anubhav and will kill him when they will get a chance. Just then Gaikwad’s men come and informs about Gungun and Anubhav visiting Prakash’s house.

A man says that soon Prakash is going to get married and Gungun and Anubhav are going to attend his wedding. Ranvijay says that it’s a perfect chance to kill Anubhav. Gaikwad asks when the wedding is. His man says that they will inform him when it will get fixed. Ranvijay asks to get Anubhav and Gungun’s photo. Gaikwad’s man says that he will get video and leaves.

Akriti and Nithi try to convince Goli to have food. Goli agrees to have food for their sake. Charudatt and all come to Goli to talk about Pradyush. But Goli refuse to listen to them. She says that she made her decision and requests them to not try to change it. Other hand Anubhav and Gungun are dancing in Prakash and Aarti’s sangeet.

A man is watching Gungun and Anubhav. Prakash thanks Anubhav for his advice and invites Anubhav and Gungun to their simple marriage. Anubhav and Gungun agree to come. A man call them for a group photo. They all pose for the photo. Gaikwad prints that photo and smirks saying that one lakh for a photo.

Akriti remembers Shankar’s advice. She calls Anubhav and apologizes for doubting him last night instead of trusting him. She says that she can’t be with him in his first birthday after their wedding. She asks him to enjoy his birthday to the fullest. Anubhav thanks her Akriti says that she misses him and asks to return home soon.

Anubhav says that the investigation isn’t finished yet. Akriti says that she will wait for him. She says love you and hangs the call. Akriti receives photos of Gungun and Anubhav together. She gets furious and recalls Ranvijay’s words. She calls Ranvijay, but his number is switched off.

The episode ends.

Precap: Akriti shows the photo to Anubhav’s family and creates a scene. Anubhav says that Akriti told him that she wants divorce from him. Gungun says that if gets divorce, she will be called homewrecker. Anubhav says that his happiness and peace is only with Gungun. Charudatt wants to call Anubhav. Akriti says that it’s of no use and will say that hereafter she will handle this.

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