Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 8th March 2022 Written Update: Akruti misbehaves with Golu and gang


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The episode starts with Chandru’s friend tells his friends it’s a great time to meet old friends with an excuse of marriage. Chandru tells that he invited all those who worked with him. Pradyush comes there and asks is he also invited for Anubhav’s marriage. Chandru gets shocked and asks from when he returned. Pradyush tells that he is proud of Anubhav for winning an award. Chandru thanks him. He also asks is he is alone or with family.

Pradyush tells that he is alone because he is here to attend last rites for his dead aunt. He then asks is he invited for Anubhav’s wedding. Chandru invites Pradyush. Golu and gang enters the lab where Anubhav Gungun and Akruti. Anubhav gets shocked and asks what are they doing here. Gungun hugs Neeti and cries. She asks them to see how Anubhav is behaving with her. Golu tells Anubhav that they are the one who took Gungun with them and asks her to meet him but here she is facing insults which is not acceptable. Neeti asks Anubhav do he have any problem that they are here.

Anubhav says no. He asks why they are here. Neeti tells they are here to take him to shopping with them. Kushi tells Anubhav that his behavior towards Gungun is not right. Amrit tells if anyone from his work place misbehaves with his family during their visit then he wont spare them. Akruti tells Anubhav that she is leaving. Golu stops her and tells her that she is Anubhav’s junior and she has to behave properly with Gungun. He asks how could she insult Gungun.

Akruti defends herself saying that she didnt insult them who are Anubhav’s actual family members. Kushi tells that Gungun is going to be their family member soon so now onwards they are considering her as one. Akruti tells that Gungun interfered their important discussion. Gungun suggests her to put do not disturb board outside whenever the meeting goes then no one will disturb them. She further tells Golu and gang atleast today she by mistake interrupted their meeting so Akruti insulted her but the other day also she insulted her when they are talking to her about Garima.

Akruti gets angry and tells Garima is not her mother also asks Gungun to not to interfere in her personal matters. Gungun tells that she is not interested in her personal matters whatever she did is for her aunt only. She then tells everyone that she will not come to the institute at all. Golu asks why she shouldn’t because she has every rights to be. He then asks Anubhav to make sure that his juniors behaves with Gungun properly while glaring at Akruti.

Goli asks Chandru how could he invite Pradyush to Anubhav’s wedding even after all the things that happened because of him in their lives. Chandru tells that was helpless. He went to invite his friends and Pradyush met him. He then asks Goli to forget about the past.

Goli gets angry and tells for him it’s easy to forget but not to her. Sunanda calms down her and asks Chandru is Pradyush bought his family with him too. Chandru tells he is not sure because Pradyush was talking about his dead aunt so he cant able to ask him anything. Goli tells that she never regretted her decision to not to marry but today she is regretting for staying with them. Sunanda asks Goli to not to say like this saying all of them loves her especially Charu.

Goli tells Sargam and Chandru that he loves Anubhav a lot but it Pradyush attends this wedding then she wont be part of it and leaves the place. Everyone gets upset. Akruti taunts Gungun also Golu and gang. She tells Anubhav that she is not aware that they have to welcome Gungun with Garland and all whenever she visits. From next time itself she will ask all the juniors to be ready to do that and leaves the place closing the door loudly. Anubhav asks Golu and gang what they are doing here.

Golu asks is he have problem to which Anubhav says no he is just asking behind their sudden visit. Neeti tells him that they already told they are here to take him to the shopping. They all starts scolding Anubhav for his behavior towards Gungun. They asks why he didnt defend Gungun when the argument happened between Gungun and Akruti. Anubhav tells that he dont want to interfere because they are sisters. Gungun tells them that just because she failed in her BA exams doesnt mean Akruti can insult her however she wants. Even she can able to talk to her the way she want to but she ie not doing it because Akruti is her sister then leaves the place angrily.

Neeti tells Anubhav that Gungun saved Golu and their family’s reputation not even a day before and here he let her go through the insults which is not acceptable and leaves the place. Golu also tells Anubhav that he doesn’t expect this from him. Anubhav sighs and tells that don’t know what’s happening to his family after hearing Gungun’s name. Before marriage it’s like this then don’t know how it is after marriage.

Golu and gang returns from the shopping. Gungun decides to leave but Sunanda stops her and asks the reason behind her being upset. Gungun tells Sunanda that Anubhav insulted her again. Anubhav comes to the house. Sunanda asks Anubhav what happened. Golu tells Sunanda it’s a normal fight that happened between them. Sunanda smiles and says what they are going to do after marriage and how they are going to tolerate for the rest of their life.

Gungun tells they can because this is for a Year only. Everyone gets shocked. Sunanda gets confused and asks what she is saying. Golu and gang distracts Sunanda meanwhile Gungun asks Anubhav to help her. Anubhav scolds her then tells Sunanda that Gungun will be busy studying for her exams that’s the reason she told the one year. He then asks Gungun to come to his room but Gungun argues with him so he leaves the place. Golu insists Gungun so she goes to Anubhav’s room.

Anubhav apologises to Gungun making her surprise. He then asks Gungun to not to invite her boyfriend to their trip. Gungun compares Anubhav with her boyfriend and refuses to listen to Anubhav. She then tells under one condition she will accept his request and that is he need to fire Akruti from her job. Anubhav tells it’s an government institution and he cant do anything but Gungun refuses to understand and opens the door and gets shocked seeing Golu and his gang are falling to the ground. They all defends themself.

Gungun tells them that if she has to not to take her boyfriend with her to the trip then Anubhav need to fire his girlfriend Akruti. Anubhav gets shocked and tells Akruti is his junior only but Gungun refuses to believe and leaves the place. Anubhav looks at Golu and and gang who looks away making Anubhav to realise its them who made Gungun believe he have a girlfriend so he glares at them.

Precap: Garima tells Gungun that she want to talk to her about something important. Gungun tells if its about Anubhav then she dont want to. Garima tells its about Maya. She tells Gungun that Maya will stay with them when she comes to attend the wedding. Gungun tells that Maya should be in the museum for the world to see how she never loved her own daughter and says that she dont want Maya to stay with them in the same house.

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