Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 9th August 2022 Written Update: A dejected Armaan decides to join a foreign company


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 9th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Anubhav telling Gungun that Armaan likes her. He says that he can see in his eyes care for Gungun and jealousy for him. He adds that he doesn’t mean that Armaan is a bad guy, he is a good guy, but he feels that he lost her. Gungun denies it and says that they are good friends. Anubhav says that Armaan is avoid looking at his eyes while speaking to her, so that she doesn’t read his feelings on his face. Gungun recalls finding Armaan crying recently and him avoiding eur contact when she questioned him about the same. Gungun asks if she should resign her job. Anubhav nods no. He says that he doesn’t have any problem with Armaan and he trusts Gungun.

Gungun comes to the office and is surprised to find the staff decorating the office. She asks what’s the occasion. Staff says that they don’t know. She starts helping them. The chairman arrives along with Armaan. The chairman announces that their company topped the media house list and congratulates them all for them. He says that therefore they all got increment. He then tells about the achievement of Agrima magazine and Gungun being the perfect face for it. He says that he promotes Gungun as chief editor upon Armaan’s recommendation.

Gungun is surprised hearing this. He says that that day party is to celebrate their company achievements, Gungun’s promotion and Armaan’s farewell. All are shocked to know hear this. The chairman realizes that the staffs aren’t aware of this and says that Armaan is joining a top media company in the USA as chief editor and congratulates him. Armaan apologizes to all for not informing them earlier. He says that he was getting this offer from many years, but he used to refuse. A staff asks why he accepted it now.

Armaan says that it’s time for him to leave. He says that he stayed here only for Gungun, he means he wanted to cover her story, now Gungun is working here, so he isn’t needed. He says that now they all can handle this company. Gungun asks how she can handle this big responsibility alone. Armaan says that if he can do, she can also do and even better. He states that he isn’t sorry for being strict as he loves his work and he isn’t sorry for loving. He says that he’s not promoting Gungun because she’s his friend, but she’s talented and asks them to give her some time. Gungun thinks that if Armaan isn’t leaving because of her, if he doesn’t really like her.

Armaan asks Gungun to say few words as she got promoted. Gungun says that she’s surprised and shocked hearing about her promotion and Armaan leaving. She says that she can’t do anything in life until she meets Armaan. The latter might recognize her talent and offered her job. She started to work to divert her mind, but slowly she started to like her job. She states Armaan’s words of loving what they do. She gives the credit of her success to Armaan and also to Anubhav. She wishes Armaan all the best and says that they all will wait for his return. She says that as friend, she doesn’t want him to leave and will try to change his decision.

Armaan and Gungun walk on the road. Armaan asks if she doesn’t mind to walk. Gungun denies it. She says that she wasn’t like this one year before. She says that she can’t believe that she can fall for Anubhav. Armaan says that she wishes that he could have met her one year before. Gungun asks why he didn’t inform about his depart before. Armaan asks what she would do if he told her. She says that she would be prepared. Armaan says that he told now and asks her to come for dinner with him. Armaan laughs and says that he is joking. Gungun says that she will miss him, he is her very special friend and no one can take his place in her life. She wishes that he could be always with her. Armaan says that they can meet after a year. Gungun says that maybe they can meet even before that. She takes leave. Armaan gets call from the restaurant. He cancels the dinner table that he booked.

Gungun feeds food to Gungun and asks if Armaan gave her day off. Gungun says that she has a good and a bad news. She says that she got promoted as chief editor of Jeet network. Anubhav can’t believe this. Gungun shows her appointment letter. Anubhav congratulates Gungun. He asks but Aramaan is the chief editor of Jeet network. Gungun says that Armaan is joining a US company. Anubhav says that it’s another good news.

The episode ends.

Precap: Gungun comes to the airport to send off Armaan. She asks if he didn’t think before giving her such big responsibility. Armaan says that he thought and everytime he saw her face. Armaan gets ready to leave. Gungun stops him holding his hand.

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