Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 9th July 2022 Written Update: Kulshreshths make a request to Goli


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The episode starts with Gungun and Anubhav coming back to their room with shopping bags. Anubhav thanks Gungun for all the gifts. Gungun says that these all necessities and Anubhav needs an upgrade as he is handsome.

Anubhav smiles which surprises Gungun. She asks why he is smiling instead of fighting with her for complaining about him. Anubhav says that because she praised him as well. Other hand Akriti angrily returns home and shows Anubhav and Gungun’s photo to the family. Charudatt gets angry that Anubhav lied again. He decides to call him.

Here Gungun says that they have to go out as Anubhav’s birthday hasn’t ended yet. She says to Anubhav to wear any of the clothes that they bought. Anubhav agrees. He sees the clothes are costly and asks what is the need to get costly clothes for him. Gungun says that it’s necessary because he is handsome.

There Akriti says to Charudatt that it’s of no use to call Anubhav. She adds that hereafter she will decide what to do. Here Anubhav says to Gungun to not waste money in the gifts, Gungun says that they should invest in their relation for now. Gungun gets sad.

Anubhav says that he knows what she’s thinking. He tells that he told Akriti that he will give her divorce. Gungun says that she will be called homewrecker and his family won’t forgive her if he gets divorce. Anubhav says that he doesn’t know all this, but he knows his happiness is only with her. Anubhav asks where his birthday gift is. He gets closer to Gungun. The latter pushes him and runs. Anubhav chases her.

They both fall on the bed. Gungun leans to kiss her. Just then Gungun receives Golu’s call. Golu asks if they got ready for Anubhav’s birthday party. As Gungun is talking with Goli, Anubhav takes the phone and asks where Golu disappeared all day. Golu teases Anubhav. After hanging the call, Gungun takes Anubhav somewhere saying she has a surprise for him.

Other hand Akriti decides to go to Mumbai to catch Anubhav and Gungun together. Charudatt sees Goli going somewhere. He stops Goli and requests her to forgive Pradyush. Goli refuses. Chandru requests her to once listen to him and then decide.

Goli asks what’s the guarantee that he will tell the truth. Sunanda says that she felt his apology was sincere. Goli says that he already ditched them using his sweet talks. Nethi says that everyone needs a second chance. Goli disagrees with her. She says that she loved Pradyush once, but it turned into hatred now. She further states what all she has gone through in the 15 years because of Pradyush act. She asks if they’re her family or his.

Chandru says that they’re not trying to change her decision, but they can’t see her pain. He further says that they want her to talk to him once for all and end this matter. He asks Goli to fight with Pradyush. Goli says that Pradyush even lost that rights. She further says that their story is ended and asks them to understand this and if possible to make Pradyush understand this as well. She leaves. Charudatt sits crying.

Gaikwad gets mad at Ranvijay and says that commissioner ordered for police investigation and warns Ranvijay that he will get caught along him. Ranvijay asks what he did. Gaikwad asks why he sent photo to Akriti and says that she must have told to the police.

Ranvijay apologizes and requests him to save him and agrees to give him more money. Gaikwad gets his man’s call and learns about Anubhav’s birthday party. He tells his man to give Anubhav poison. His man says that there are CCTV cameras in the party hall. Gaikwad tells a plan. Ranvijay gets happy.

The episode ends.

Precap: Anubhav celebrates his birthday with Gungun and all. Ranvijay asks why Anubhav hasn’t died yet. Gaikwad says that his death news will be on the way. Anubhav drinks the poisoned juice.

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