Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 9th June 2022 Written Update: Gungun faints during the protest


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The episode starts with Bobby hitting Anubhav. The chief asks why he is bearing the pain for this country, who gave him a simple job. He says that they’re yearning to hear yes from him. Anubhav says no. The chief punches on his stomach. Akriti phones Gungun and taunts her. She asks what she’s still doing in Mumbai. Gungun says that she’s trying to find her husband. Akriti shouts Gungun and says that Anubhav is only her husband. Gungun says that she’s looking for Anubhav day and night in an unknown city whereas Akriti is claiming her rights sitting in her house. She disconnects the call saying that she’s busy.

Ranvijay’s friends show Ranjvijay the newspaper in which printed that Anubhav’s kidnapping news and ask if he did it. Ranjvijay pretend that he doesn’t know about it and show fake concern for Anubhav’s family. Akriti says that she won’t spare Gungun for calling Anubhav as her husband. Charu says Akriti to stop her. Kulshrshths wonder why the kidnappers hasn’t called yet for asking the ransom and wonder if they don’t want money what they want from Anubhav. Nidhi says that even if they ask ransom how they can give huge money. Charu says that they have to do something.

Golu calls Gungun and says that they have reached Mumbai. He asks if she gets to know anything about Anubhav to which Gungun cries and says nothing. She worries that they can harm Anubhav. Golu assures that nothing will happen to Anubhav. Gungun says that she’s going to the Institution to protest seeking justice for Anubhav. Golu says that they reach there.

Kulshrshths family ladies have come to the temple and prays to God to save Anubhav. Commissioner calls Gungun and says that the goon, who they arrested , gave many information about the terrorists, but he doesn’t know where they have kept Anubhav. He asks where she’s. Gungun says that she has come to the institution to start a protest along with the students. The Commissioner says to not do the protest as this case will come to light and can trouble their investigation. Gungun says that this case needs to come to the light, so that many other higher authority can join with police and find Anubhav soon. She says that she can’t and doesn’t want to stop the student’s protest. She disconnects the call saying that she hopes that he will understand. Commissioner thinks that Gungun won’t give uup until she finds her husband.

Gungun along with the students protest seeking justice for Anubhav. Golu, Yug and Ankit arrive there and join the protest. Golu is proud that Gungun fights for her husband. Dean meets the head of the institution and convinces him to sign the memo and submit in chief minister’s office in support of the students to save their institution. The head agrees to sign.

Anubhav family watch Gungun protesting for Anubav on the news channel. Akriti says that Gungun is doing all this to seek attention. Nidhi says that at least they got to know through Gungun about Anubhav’s kidnapping. In the news the reporter says that Anubhav’s family came to support Gungun in the protest. She also says that Anubhav’s institution sent a letter to the chief minister requesting to give priority to this case. She also says about police catching a terrorist.

Gungun continues to protest. Golu says that the hashtag we want justice for Anubhav is trending. Gungun feels dizziness. Golu says Gungun to rest, but she refuses. He says to at least drink some water, but Gungun refuses saying that she doesn’t know whether the terrorists gave water to Anubhav. There the chief tortures Anubhav. He releases some gaz and doesn’t give him water. Few ladies come to the Kulshrshths to enquire about Anubhav. They taunt Akriti about Anubhav marrying Gungun too. Akriti shouts at them. Charu tries to calm her down, but in vain. Akriti says that even Golu, Yug and Ankit support Gungun and no one ready to say that she’s Anubhav’s real wife and not Gungun. Sargam says to Akriti to not create any scene and be quiet.

Akriti says to tell it to those ladies. She asks them to leave. Kamalnath, from ATS, meets police officer and says that he is taking Anubhav’s upon CM’s order. The officer informs the same to the commissioner. Gungun and the protestors reach in front of CM office. Gungun faints due to dehydration. Ankit suggests taking her to the hospital. Gungun refuses. Golu asks her to at least drink water, but Gungun refuses to eat drink anything before meeting Anubhav. Gungun gets up and says that she is fine, now they’re going to enter the CM’s office even if police force will try to stop them.

The episode ends.

Precap: Anubhav faints. The chief says that they can’t give up when that girl didn’t. Boby says that their man got arrested because of her. The chief says that they won’t get anything from him. Commissioner says that they will launch a search operation that night. Gungun says to the commissioner that they will try to kill her and will definitely make any mistake. She asks if she can come with them to which commissioner agrees.

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