Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 9th March 2022 Written Update: Goli refuses to have food with her family


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The episode starts with In Kulshreshth’s house everyone sits to have dinner. Charu asks about Goli’s whereabouts. Sunanda tells that Goli refused to have food. Chandru tells it’s because of him only Goli is refused to have food. Charu scolds him and asks him is this even necessary to tell Goli about inviting Pradyush for Anubhav’s wedding. Chandru tells that if he hide it from Pradyush attending the marriage then in a marriage day of Anubhav when Goli finds out then it will be a huge problem for her. Amit asks who is Pradyush. Anubhav tells that Pradyush was Chandru’s very good friend back then.

Yug tells that Goli helped Pradyush a lot.
Given him money whenever he needed also taken care of his mother. Divya tells that she will go and bring Goli and leaves the place. Golu tells that Goli and Pradyush were supposed to get married but it didn’t happen. Sunanda asks the family members to not to bring this one again especially infront of Goli because she will get hurt again. Anubhav tells that they won’t ever say something that will make their aunt hurt. Charu tells that Goli needs to forget about her past meanwhile Divya brings Goli to the dining room. Chandru agrees with Charu’s words.

Hearing both of their conversation Goli gets angry and decides to leave but Divya stops her and let everyone know about Goli’s presence. Charu asks her to have food with them but Goli refuses saying she is not hungry so asks the family members have their dinner. Charu asks Goli they ever had food without her then how its possible for today too. He also asks Goli to forgive Pradyush. Goli tells that she cant because he hurt her the most. She also tells that she planned so much for Anubhav’s wedding day but she had to hide her face because Chandru invited Pradyush. Chandru apologises to Goli and tells that he is helpless in that situation that lead him to invite Pradyush.

Sunanda tells Goli that she is a pure hearted person and she didnt made any mistake so its Pradyush who should hide his face not Goli. Goli tells that even Chandru is helpless to invite Pradyush for this marriage which she understands but why he didn’t called him or something and ask him not to come to this wedding. Chandru tells that he can’t do this because Pradyush will get hurt. Goli gets angry and tells Chandru that he is worried about his friend but not about his sister. Golu asks Goli to not to say such things saying they all loves her so much.

Anubhav asks Chandru why did he invited Pradyush even after knowing that Goli has problem with this. Chandru tells that he is helpless. Anubhav tells Chandru that he understands. Charu asks Goli to forget about the past and move on. Goli tells that she cant forgive Pradyush fot what he did to her. Anubhav asks Goli to forgive for her own peace eventhough Pradyush dont deserves it. He also tells they all are with her and she can share her feelings with them.

Goli tells Anubhav that she knows her family is by her side but some problems and hurt are meant to face alone. If she is feeling so much pain to talk about that particular incident then how it must feel like to be a person to endure all that happened. She then leaves the place making everyone sad. The next day morning Neeti knocks Goli’s room door and when she didn’t get any response from her she calls out others for help. Anubhav and others comes there. Golu knocks the door and asks Goli to open the door. Goli asks Golu to go away and not to annoy her. They all thinks that it’s all happening because Pradyush is invited to this marriage.

Anubhav tells if Chandru fails to stop Pradyush from coming to his wedding then Goli won’t attend and he cant marry without his aunt being part of it so suggests that they can call off the wedding. Golu scolds Anubhav for always suggesting to call of this wedding. He then tells there is one person who can convince Goli. Neeti tells Golu its Gungun right. Golu says yes. Anubhav gets annoyed and tells Golu and gang that Gungun cant able to give them solution. Golu tells Anubhav its Gungun who saved him from going to jail.

Anubhav tells that Gungun had money and his problem is related to money but Goli’s problem is related to feelings for which they have to use their heart and mind. Amit mocks at Anubhav. Golu calls Gungun as an angel and tells that she can only convince Goli. Anubhav tells their idea is not good. Golu and gang accuses Anubhav for underestimating Gungun like that. Anubhav tells Golu and gang for one year he will tolerate Gungun then he will be free. Golu tells in a Year they both may get closer and there is no need of separation but Anubhav tells nothing such will happen. Golu asks Anubhav to call Gungun but the latter refuses saying it’s their idea not his.

Gungun pleads Garima to give her money for her bachelorette party. Garima tells it’s a huge amount so they need to ask Ridesh’s permission. Gungun tells that Ridesh will scold her so ask Garima to help her. Garima agrees. She then tells Gungun that she wants to talk to her about something. Gungun asks Garima to not to say anything if that’s related to Anubhav. Garima tellsits about Dr.Maya.

She tells Gungun that they invited Dr.Maya to the wedding so they have to let Dr.Maya stay with them. Gungun gets angry and tells that Dr.Maya should be in the museum for how to not to love her own daughter. She also tells it’s her father’s house so she wont let Dr.Maya stay with them. Garima tells that Ridesh and Maya is not legally separated. She also tells even she dont think she can able to continue her stay here.

Gungun asks Garima to not to say such things. Then they both talk about Akruti. Garima apologises to Gungun on behalf of Akruti but Gungun asks her not to. Garima then gives a phone to Gungun saying its Golu who is calling her. Gungun gets happy and answers the call. Golu asks Gungun to come to their house saying that they need her help to make Goli come out of her room because she is upset with then.

Golu then starts praising Gungun for becoming their daughter even before becoming their daughter in law. He further calls her an angel making Gungun emotional. Gungun takes Garima’s permission and goes to Kulshreshth’s house. Hearing Gungun’s words Goli gets shocked. Golu and gang worries about Goli so Gungun uses her mobile and shows them that Goli is fine. Anubhav mocks at Gungun and Gungun asks him to be thankful towards her for helping them but Anubhav tells her that she is trying to help not helping them.

Precap: Gungun asks Goli to open the door or else she will break the door. Goli asks Gungun to not to do because she will get hurt. Gungun acts like that she got hurt so a worried Goli opens the door and understands that Gungun tricked her. Golu and gang watches everything from their hiding spot. Golu praises Gungun.

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