Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Upcoming Story: Akriti and Ranvijay to join hands against Gungun and Anubhav!


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Star Plus popular show Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey is gearing up for more drama with Akriti asking divorce from Anubhav.

In the current story it’s seen that Akriti gete furious spotting Anubhav with Gungun. She lashes out at Anubhav for breaking his promise again. She rebukes Gungun for returning again and again in her and Anubhav’s. She raise her hand to slap Gungun, but Anubhav holds it and clarifies that he forced Gungun to meet him.

Akriti gets determined to to put a full stop it. After Akriti left Anubhav asks Gungun to not marry Ranvijay after knowing the truth and spoil her life. He asks to whom she gave her words. Gungun refuses to tell. At the Kulshreshths family lashes out at Anubhav for meeting Gungun.

Akriti shocks the family asking divorce from Anubhav. She leaves the house despite family trying to convince her. Meanwhile Gungun confronts Ranvijay about kidnapping and handing Anubhav to the terrorists. She calls off the wedding. She slaps him when he is about to speak against Anubhav.

Here Family asks Anubhav to convince Akriti and apologize to her, but he denies. Akriti phones Ranvijay and says that she wants to take revenge. Ranvijay smiles.

In the upcoming episode Golu will say to Anubhav that what he is going to say will be wrong in his family’s point of view, yet he will say it. Anubhav will ask what it’s. Golu will ask Anubhav to divorce Akriti and marry to Gungun.

Anubhav will meet Akriti and will say that Charudatt thought him to not run away from his responsibilities, along with Akriti Gungun is also his responsibility and he will fulfill it, if Akriti has problem with it, they should part their ways. Akriti will look on shocked.

What will happen next? What will be Akriti and Ranvijay’s revenge plan against Gungun and Anubhav?

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