Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Upcoming Story: Anubhav to blame Ritesh for Gungun’s rude behavior


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Star Plus daily soap Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey is currently showing Ridhesh coming to Anubhav’s house to invite them for Gungun’s birthday party.

In the current story it’s seen that Gungun and Anubhav argue over Gungun sleeping in Anu’s room. Anu scolds Gungun. The latter leaves crying. Later Sargam reprimands Anu for scolding Gungun. Anu says that Gungun doesn’t know to behave in public places and says that Ridhesh’s too much affection spoiled her. Ridhesh, who has come to Anu’s house, hears this. Ridhesh invites all of them to Gungun’s birthday party to which they agree. Anu advises Ridhesh to be strict with Gungun else she will get spoiled with his love.

Anu’s family defends Gungun saying that she’s a nice girl and maybe she acts like this because of bad friends. Sunanda tries to make Anu understand that Gungun was brought up by her aunt and needs a family to change herself. Sargam asks Ridhesh to send Gungun to their house whenever she wants as she is bonding well with them all. Ridhesh agrees and says that he also wants Gungun to see their family and learn family values.

In the upcoming episode it will seen that Gungun will be celebrating her birthday with Chavi and her friends. Anubhav and Golu will arrrive there. Gungun will greet Golu. Anubhav will ask Chavi to come as it’s very late. But Gungun will refuse to send Chavi before her cake cutting. Anubhav and Gungun will argue over this.

Gungun will accuse Anubhav of spoiling her birthday party. Later Golu, Needi and Yug will ask Anubhav to apologize to Gungun. Anubhav will call Gungun and will say sorry which will surprise Gungun.

Will Gungun accept Anubhav’s apology ?

How these two different people will come closer?

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