Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Upcoming Story: Gungun to expose Keshav’s truth and save Golu?


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Star Plus daily soap Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey currently shows that Golu gets worried seeing Ridesh and Gungun in.the bank so he decides to leave but the officer stops him and questions him then tells Golu to inform his family members that they will get interrogated by his team at his house at 4pm. Later the Kulshreshth’s gets worried when Ridesh calls and informs he and Gungun is visiting their house at 4pm.

In the current track it shown that the police officer tells after getting to know that there is a wedding in Golu’s house then he has a motive. Golu pleads the officer not to involve in this. The officer acts and says that Golu’s action making him doubt on him more. The Manager defends Golu saying that his family is one of the reputed family in the society so he is worried that police investigation may ruin their reputation. The officer tells it’s the procedure they have to do and no other option left. Keshav gets angry and tells the peon if he get caught then he will tell the police he doesn’t know him.

The peon tells Keshav that they both divided the stolen money equally then how could he talk like this. Keshav asks the peon to not to worry saying its Golu who is going to pay for their deeds. Ridesh calls the bank manager and tells him that he and Gungun is visiting the bank. They are outside only. The Manager asks the reason to which Ridesh tells there is a FD on Gungun’s name to use that he is bringing Gungun with him. The officer tells Golu to ask his family members to get ready for the investigation with their ID cards also the savings proof and everything.

Golu leaves the place. In Kulshreshth’s house Charu gets emotional seeing the jewellery also they have to use to get money out of it to save Golu. Anubhav consoles Sunanda saying they are the richest people in this world for having such a beautiful family. Chandru suggests that they will take the money and the jewellery to the bank and give it to the manager and request him to give them time and they will repay the remaining money in installments. Everyone likes the idea. Charu tells that he don’t think it will work. Anubhav tells they can’t sit silently at the same time so they have to try this. Charu agrees. Golu comes to the house. Kulshreshth’s gets happy. Golu informs that the police is going to come to their house at 4pm shocking the family members.

Anubhav talks to Ridesh then informs the family members that Ridesh and Gungun is visiting their house at 4pm. Everyone gets worried. Chandru tells that they can’t able to show their face to Ridesh in their life time if police insults them infront of him. Later Golu blames himself for everything that family has to go through making everyone cry.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Golu will cry and tell his family members that everything is over. He will fail to prove himself as an innocent so the police will take him to the jail. The door bell will ring. Anubhav will open the door. Kulshreshth’s will look shocked.

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