Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Upcoming Story: Gungun to face backlash!


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Star plus’ popular Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey is gearing up for more drama with kulshreshths performing Anubhav’s last rites.

In the current story it’s seen that Gungun breaks down seeing Anubhav’s corpse and asks why he broke his promise of always being with her. Later Akriti, Golu and Ankit are on they way in the ambulance with Anubhav’s body. Golu calls Gungun to ask where she’s.

Gungun says that she’s in a cab behind the ambulance. She says that she’s not coming to the Kulshreshths’s house as it will remind her about Anubhav only. Akriti scolds Golu for still talking with Gungun. She blames Gungun for Anubhav’s death. She says that Gungun snatched everything from her life. She curses Gungun.

She says that Gungun, who made her cry, will never get any happiness in her life. Gungun reaches her house and bursts out into tears. Garima consoles her. Anubhav’s body arrives at the Kulshreshths. All crying seeing it.

Later Kulshreshths perform the last rites of Anubhav in the crematory ground. Gungun arrvies there with Garima. She watches from far the last rites of Anubhav and breaks down.

In the upcoming it will be shown that Akriti will fight with Gungun. She will hit Gungun asking why she has come here. Garima will hug Gungun and swill stop Akriti from hitting Gungun. Sunanda will try to stop Akriti.

Charudatt will say to Sunanda that Akriti is doing right. He will say that Gungun is responsible for Anubhav’s death. Gungun will look on teary eyes.

What will happen next? Will Gungun learn that Ranvijay is behind Anubhav’s accident and will get him punished? What destiny is stored for Gungun ahead?

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